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Chairman of the Carnival Commission Allison Demas, centre, is greeted by president of Pan Trinbago Keith Diaz, right, while vice president Bryon Serrette looks on, during yesterday’s media conferenceTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz says this year’s Panorama competition will be an exciting year for steelband and will lead to the introduction of Panorama as an international pan competition in 2014.

Though Diaz divulged little details about the event, he said competitors could begin registration as early as March 15.

This year’s competition also will see a change on the final night as the usual prize-giving, which takes place on the night of the finals, will be postponed to an award ceremony on February 22.
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Again, could Pan Trinbago afford to bring International Steelbands to the Queens Park Savannah as they do our local Steelbands? If so, OUR PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO is really a wild spender of our TAX dollars. Somebody please stop this Mad Man!

I don't think pantrinbago should go that route if they get some internationals sponsor go for it but to spend money on something else when more money is needed for the panorama we have is not a smart move

Question What happens at the Olympics or the World Cup ?

What happens? Do they( the teams) walk with Tenors, Double Seconds, Bass, Engine Rooms?Somebody(our Government) pays to send teams to Olympics, even if we can't  bring International Steelbands, could we afford to HOST? I dare say this is Leadership by VAPPS from Pan Trinbago.

Calm down Bertel!!! Every good politician (and every good religion) promises pie in the sky!!! At one time Panoroma was going to be marketed INTERNATIONALLY and millions of people all over the world were going to pay per view. Did I see a man compare PANORAMA to the OLYMPICS and WORLD CUP?


Trinis real delusional when it come to this PAN TING, yes!

You are so right Claude, it is not worth a heart attack.

The more I think of this International Panorama Idea, this is just to look GOOD........ PURE POLITICS!!

I did not compare Panorama to the Olympics or the world Cup.I just asked what happens at the Olympics or the World Cup meaning if you have the wherewhitall to compete then by all means step up and if you don't look towards the future and try to get there.I don't know if you are aware that Pan Trinbago held two World festivals in Trinidad and a World festival final at Madison Square Garden and all bands travelled with their instruments.Call that madness or Politics?

McQuilkin, If Pan Trinbago/ Government spend TAXPAYERS money in these HARD TIMES on anything else but to pay Pan Players VERY WELL for their Time and Effort to bring off the RAMA, I will be the first to protest this wrong. For years the Panman/woman was abused and kicked around by both Pan Trinbago and the Steelbands management themselves, and now you are telling me you are going to spend all this money on International Panorama and the PANMEN/WOMEN that play and make the thing happen in T&T not WELL PAID. THIS IS A JOKE!!!! I am not interested in Two World Festivals and one in Madison Square Garden, that was then. Now is the time to lift the game, I say pay Pan Players well to get the best out of Panorama.In any case, who do you think will WIN if this International Panorama comes off? Who won the last one or two? I say NO International Panorama and pay the local Panman as Professionals, THEY DESERVE IT !!!  YOU'LL in Pan Trinbago only Playing POLITICS with PAN, and KILLING IT !!

Are you saying that Pan Trinbago has to forever depend on Government to obtain tax payers money to run Panorama and to pay panmen/women?May I remind you that Pan Trinbago's executive comes out of the very steelband managers whom you are accusing of abusing their players.Anyway Pan Trinbago can do like the NBA or the Baseball Association of America as people from all parts of the world play with bands at Panorama.

McQuilkin, that is exactly the point I make, you need not remind me where Pan Trinbago executive come from. Where or Who will Pan Trinbago get the money from to have this GRAND International Panorama if not the TAXPAYERS of this country? Pan Trinbago could hardly pay appearance fees to Steelbands in the Panorama. And when money is made at all these shows, where does the money go? Does it evaporate into thin air? Could you answer these questions before we speak of running Steelpan like the NBA or Baseball Assoc. of America? 

Anthony: If they have a "standardized pan" panorama (with some E-PANS mixed in) pansides could come from all around the world and play without all the pan shipping expenses. A separate panorama that could start small and grow big!!!


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