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I heard some days ago that Bertie Frazier had past and his funeral (I think, is sometime tomorrow) Has anyone hear that?, I remember sitting next to him as a Judge in DC and MD. I heared that at one time he was the head of pan trinbago, CDC, arranger for Birdsong, etc etc. So he was always in the PAN business, If is so, may god bless his soul, Amen

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Bede, how come yuh only checkin to see who dead so, U R ah undertaker now or what?

U always make me laugh Cecil, Yea, ah checking on d dead (ah have my eyes on u) lol

Bede, yuh go have to wait long for me, make ah few rounds and come back and I'll tell you if ah ready.

Bede, thanks for taking the time to acknowledge the contributions of a dedicated panman/musician. Bertie's funeral is tomorrow. He had a short battle with cancer. and ppassed last week

Thanks for response Linroy, My condolences goes out to the Fraser family, it's not too often we lost a love one but when it happens it hurts, I know that, May the good lord bless and keep him, Amen 

Sorry for the mis spelling of the name, CORRECTION IT SHOULD BE BERTIE "FRASER", (I thought it was Frazier) 

Condolences to the Fraser family.

Yes Bertie died last Thursday, he will be buried tomorrow in Columbia, Maryland.  He was a talented human being.  May God Bless his soul.

I wonder why no one posted  this on Pan times since he died 1 week ago, I heard bout this almost a week ago and I was waiting for someone to post it, since it was not posted I decided to put it out there. I always want a PANMAN or PANWOMAN to be remembered in some kind of a way, bless his soul, Amen

Condolences to the family ,relatives and friends of Bertie Fraser. May he rest in peace


Condolences to the Fraser family from myself and the Desperadoes family. wishing him a safe passage on his crossing.


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