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TO THE EXECUTIVE OF PAN TRINBAGO, PLEASE let the North Zone large Bands roll through the Savannah for Panorama preliminaries. Everything is in place already, minimum overhead and great profitability. This has the potential of being the largest steelband party in modern times, good wholesome family entertainment. This will also be a booster for steelbands, playing for their fans enjoyment in that type of setting is priceless.

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Cecil Hinkson: Yuh think BEVERLEY listening to ANYBODY.  Least of all some OLD EXPATS who doh know nothing about the REAL HAPPENINGS ON THE GROUND IN THE MECCA -- but still feel that they have VALID IDEAS to MOVE PAN FORWARD.

They have NINE PEOPLE running PAN TRINBAGO right now (not to mention all the consultants and lawyers) and they have at least 20 meetings every month. And they discuss all kind of GRAND SCHEMES for PAN -- even though yuh doh see nothing ACTUALLY HAPPENING. But in dey minds they are taking PAN TO THE MOON.

Plus -- if the IDEA does not come FROM QUEEN BEE BEVERLEY .. it cannot get TABLED. Ah tell yuh that woman is obsessed with power.

So what really makes you think that she will LISTEN TO YOU?

A good idea is ah good idea. this is a solution for a problem they had this year. Pan yard overcrowding.

Well, DOLLY agree with you and said (in the heat of the moment) that she has to address that issue next year. But by now yuh know how DOLLY does operate. (Allyuh still waiting on that FORENSIC REPORT. But it is the same in every country -- big or small -- we still waiting for the MUELLER REPORT.)

Secondly, I think that it was the quality of the music that brought out the people. Suppose THE SOCA flops next year and the crowds that you saw in 2019 to not reappear in 2020 -- then PAN TRINBAGO LOSS MORE MONEY. Because yuh know BEVERLY have to hire her MASSIVE CONSULTING TEAM and pay them THE BIG BUCKS.

Lots of VARIABLES here!!! Boy, ah telling you: GOOD IDEAS could only come from BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE. As much as ah try to profile THAT WOMAN for allyuh -- when ah talk allyuh would NOT HEAR!!!

Boi, this will have little or no overhead for Pan Trinbago, since the facilities has to be constructed anyway.. They can't get much better than that, all that's needed is a little unbiased outta da box thinking. Just think of how young people will jump on this is reason to make it happen.

Great idea Cecil Hinkson.  I was thinking of that myself when I witnessed the panyard overcrowding. Don't talk about the hustle of traffic to get to the next panyard if it is not within walking distance. One would actually have to miss about two bands in order to hear their favourite bands.  I missed Starlift and Silver Stars.


Jennifer Jagbir, and yuh have parking right there in the savannah, this is a easy solution for a huge problem lets see howthey act..

What is REQUIRED to take this IDEA to a PLAN of ACTION???

Can the Executives at Pan Trinbago DELIVER???

Hello Claude.......hmm..i see that crystal ball still making mas.....remember this 7months cyah undo 9 years of an endemic culture of not listening unless forced to by embarrassment and pressure.....Pan is treated like a political football in the Mecca...2 elections on the way...figure out de rest..

odw, Pan Trinbago is in charge of panorama, they make the rules, this is a simple solution to a huge problem and in the end everybody could come out smelling like roses.

Well write up your plan and send it to PAN TRINBAGO and DOLLY!!!

Yuh leave TRINIDAD too long boy. Yuh think that they will ever take an idea from an EXPAT?

Claude that will always be the elephant in the room


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