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Do Something for the ordinary Panman and Pan woman

The Panorama preliminary round  in Trinidad was around the weekend of Jan,17,18,19,20 (2013)

The end of Panorama season was a month later in February.Today is April 2nd. the stipend of $1000.00 TT to the ordinary Pan player who participated in the preliminary round has not yet been given to them. ...What is the reason for this....no one in the executive of the Steelpan organization waits for more than a month for their payments or salaries ....why hold back this small bit of money ( much less than $200. 00US) from the ordinary players  This money was already allocated by the government months ahead...C'mon ... you guys....you can do better than that ...Do something for the ordinary Pan players ....Just Pay Them Now


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Salah, why our brothers and sisters in T&T are not making noise about this?

Cecil, that is a good question ..it seems like other people care more about them than they themselves ...but in speaking up I am also speaking up for my little group ...so lets hope they catch on


Salah they do it because they can. They are a bunch of gangsters. They have no shame or principles. 


Bugs you always have a way with words LOL


This is why the Pan Trinbago Executive can/do ripp off the ordinary Pan Player (NO ACCOUNTABLITY), and it is because Pan man/woman don't see pan BIG. And the pan Bosses know this. So is like slavery, the SLAVES work hard to make all the money for MASA to live HIGH. Until pan players can see that they are being given a 6 for a 9,  the advantage will never done.

Keep up the attention on this problem...it is not the first time...but keep up talking about it !


Most of the big bands have lawyers, they could ask for an appointment with the Minister of Culture and let him have a talk with PanTrinbago. Pan People in T&T have to PUSH BACK that's the only way that they will get respect from PanTrinbago.

Cecil, it is the very same BIG Bands that are running the executive of Pan Trinbago. The executive are elected members of the bands.

Bertel, something here doh fit, you are telling me that reps. from these big bands in PanTrinbago doh care if they own members get paid?

Cecil, It have some pan players from SOME BIG bands does catch dey nennen to get dey $1000.00, IF DEY GET IT AT ALL!!!! When man get money in dey hand it aint easy yuh no! But I must admit that you get very few complaints about this now. But the bands dont get paid on time still up to this present time. 

So what does the government to have to say about this? I heard that they monitor WST. Let's hear what they have to say.

Why the government give this money to Pantrinbago in the first place, this money should go directly to the 10 bands in the finals, that's not too difficult.


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