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Do Something for the ordinary Panman and Pan woman

The Panorama preliminary round  in Trinidad was around the weekend of Jan,17,18,19,20 (2013)

The end of Panorama season was a month later in February.Today is April 2nd. the stipend of $1000.00 TT to the ordinary Pan player who participated in the preliminary round has not yet been given to them. ...What is the reason for this....no one in the executive of the Steelpan organization waits for more than a month for their payments or salaries ....why hold back this small bit of money ( much less than $200. 00US) from the ordinary players  This money was already allocated by the government months ahead...C'mon ... you guys....you can do better than that ...Do something for the ordinary Pan players ....Just Pay Them Now


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Bede ,

Most  of the  players  from abroad  do not  stick  around  for  the  payday 



We know what it's like to play in a steelband with over 100 players in panorama, can you imagine what it must feel like for a player from foreign to experience that? they are not looking for money they want the thrill.

I remembered an experience I had in Hummingbirds Pan Groove under Ray on the track before the stage,a whole lot of young ladies from England for the first time playing in Trinidad in 1992, they all got SO EXCITED when they saw both North and Grand Stand packed to capacity, all their faces turned red with fear, joy, anxiety and whatever else. Yes Cecil its the THRILLS!!

Cecil, Just something to think about. I don't think I got as much as 20.00 at one time back in the dey, even on the Stage side Most of the money goes to the Captain, then they pay the Arranger and the rest goes to Steel band expenses Does days we play for the love of PAN not the MONEY


You ask ah good question, I just feel somebody in T&T collect the money that was to pay the player from foreign .

Greetings It looks like thievery taking place and Salah exposed them  and the Lawyer Phantum have them on the run. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine

Personally I thought that this money is paid directly to the players by the government and not through the band or those people at pantrinbago


Sure right. Each player is paid by cheque made in the players name.


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