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Do you see Panorama finals results Sealed and released Ash Wednesday after Carnival.

If the results of Panorama Finals were sealed and released on Ash Wednesday like band of the Year, Road march and other winners. Will the public see it as a step in the right direction.?

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What would be your reason for doing that? I'd love to hear.

Is this a question for DUMMIES or what, how could this be? So when would the bands get their prize monies? Many pan players from all around the world that comes to play pan for our Panorama in Trinidad leaves as early as on Ash Wednesday. This idea could not lead us to any right direction. Things are going in all kind of crazy ways as it is now, please don't give P.T.B management more headaches.

This will be grounds for a riot, lol

Cecil. Khan. Don and Yvette the reason for this question is Cecil always advocating for more Steelbands on the road on carnival days. We all no after Panorama Finals and the results are in, Ninety percent of the Bands pack up their instruments until next Panorama season, That leaves a small amount of Bands on the road for Carnival. So I am asking the question if the Panorama Finals results are released after Carnival, Will it encourage more Steelbands on the road for Carnival because every band will think they placed high and needs to be on the road for Carnival. That's all folks. I appreciated your responses. Blessings to ALL..

Very good, Earl!!! Yuh lick dem up with your downstream vision and response!!!

Steel pan on the road fo4r carnival have nothing to do with panorama results, its all about players wanting to play on the road and bands having the money to pay the players to play on the road spending five hours in the hot sun waiting to get into the savannah.

I agree its all on the players, I had a talk to some players while in Trinidad a few years ago, and I asked why is it you all dont play on the road and they stated they will play for jouvert but carnival no. After we miss out all the fetes and major events practicing for one night of music that is our time to enjoy what we have left of carnival.  We may take a night off and some band leaders will say we dont like pan we rather go jump up and give people our money but some time our minds just need to relax for just one night. 

Transparency could become a problem.


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