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Do you think that tributes are needed for the 50th anniversary of the prelims?

The first Panorama Preliminary was held in February 1963.

This year, 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of the prelims.

There is only one person that performed at all preliminaries to date.

This will be his 50th appearance at a Panorama prelim.

Also, only (4) Steel Orchestras have partaked at all prelims to date.

The forum is opened. 

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Lawrence you have 3 of the 4 bands correct, and the player is one of the three you mentioned.

I will narrow it down: it's not Roy "Babylon" Estrado.

It would be fitting. Awards are given for lesser reasons than this. Pan is on its way to being considered a main stream instrument. A young man from Brooklyn was accepted to a prestigeous music HS, based on his knowledge and playing skills on the pan. He is the first student to be accepted to the music program based on his performance on the pan. We have come a long way; however Trinindad as a country still has a lot to do to promote PAN as musical instrument. We must pay tribute to all those present that first year, and are still with us today.

Thanks Ann and good luck to that young pannist. I know that his grades were also excellent.

Hello Brenda,

                    I only locked on an hour ago. Sorry for the delay and please call me at (954) 792-1879.

If I calculated correctly, this year will be the 49th anniversary of Panorama.I believe t that the four bands that have participated in all the Panorama Preliminaries are Desperadoes, Invaders, Tokyo and Southern Marines.

Hello Mr. Clayton Belle,

                                    I was corrected by Mr. Sweet Eutace as far as: total events do not equate to total anniversaries of that said event. But, we are discussing the total Panorama Preliminaries and not the finals.

You have 2 of the 4 bands correct.

Just a small correction Ian an anniversary usually is celebrated after each year of an event so although this will be the 50th panorama it is the 49th anniversary

Yes Sweet Eustace point taken. 

I also regret to inform you all of the passing of the legendary Kelvin Hart the man behind the pan that woke us up every morning on the radio

Yes Sweet Eustace I received a call about the passing of Mr. Kelvin Hart. As you all know Mr. Hart won the Soloists Category at the music Festival of 1962. My condolences to his family and friends.

So it was Kelvin Hart playing the pan on Radio Trinidad in the early 60's. I learned something new and thanks.

Ian . I believe that the 4 Steel Orchestras that performed at all the Prelims to date are Invaders, Starlift , Desperadoes and Renegades . The person who has performed in every Panorama to date is from Desperadoes but his name I cannot remember at present . At least some award should be given to Anthony Williams of North Stars who came 1st with " Dan is the Man in the Van "by Sparrow  . Steve Regis of Sundowners who came 2nd with " Elaine , Harry and MaMa " by  Sparrow; and Beverly Griffith of Desperadoes who came 3rd with " The Road " by Kitchener .  The other placings were 4th .Modern Sunland .5th Invaders .6th City Symphony . 7th Casablanca . 8th Starlift .9th San Juan All Stars . 10th Wonderland (Belmont ) . Invaders and Starlift for sure and I believe San Juan All Stars are still performing so they too should be awarded . Remember that this was the start of the Biggest Music Festival on Planet Earth so these Pan Pioneers should  be recognized in a Tangible manner . Thanks .

Steve, if the person that performed at all the Panorama to date is from Despers, the only one i can think of is "Dennis Ashe (tashe)", thats the guy with long long dreads, I knew him in school


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