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Do you think that tributes are needed for the 50th anniversary of the prelims?

The first Panorama Preliminary was held in February 1963.

This year, 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of the prelims.

There is only one person that performed at all preliminaries to date.

This will be his 50th appearance at a Panorama prelim.

Also, only (4) Steel Orchestras have partaked at all prelims to date.

The forum is opened. 

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thats right there was a panorama in 1979 now to test your knowledge Ian where and when were they held , and how many bands took part, and how many were from the south



             The only Panorama that I am aware of is the 1979 Prelims. Who sponsored the panorama you are talking about? 

I do not have a copy but I read BrianHenry's copy some years ago, I had a book some years ago with points scored, judges where and when various events were held in carnivals in TnT loaned it and forgot who I loaned it to I got a copy from the author but forgot who he was Pan Trinbago never took any leads from that talked about creating an archive perhaps you should shoot the idea to them and they can look up to find out if there is more than one such person, I was refering to a couple in starlift but they have some real old stagers still active,


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