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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased an old pan that seemed to be a rather old Invaders style tenor. Once I had some time to really go through the pan I discovered that there are only 13 notes around the outside instead of the typical 14 for the Invaders pan. I does have the F# in the center, 3 more small notes in the center, and 11 notes in the second ring of notes. There is just one note missing from the outside ring. Also the sizing of the notes do not really seem like they would correspond with the Invaders pitch layout. For instance, the high D and E on the outside ring are 5.25" and 4.75" respectively. 

There are just too many things here that are not adding up, and it's really starting to confuse me. Let me know if anybody out there has any thoughts on this.


Matt Potts

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Maybe your pan does not have a low"B" and the sizes of the low "D" and"E" are adjusted because of this.
....Maybe it's the low ''B'' thats missing......

you right  hueloy you played them in solo,


Thanks for your comments.

I have attached the layout diagram I was comparing to and there doesn't appear to be a low B on the diagram so I didn't even think of that. I also attached a picture of the pan and then outlined the notes the best I could on the computer to make it easier to see. Like I said it's close to this, but the outside ring of notes seems wrong. Also, even though the middle ring of notes have the correct number, the sizing seems wrong. I have been interested in the Invaders pan for a while now, but never could really find all that much information out about the pan or it's layout. Are there other layouts that I should be looking at?

Thanks so much for your help!!



To me it looks like the "low B" Invaders style -- the first style I learned to play on (1967).



Hi Peter,

did you see the most recent picture I added? It has the notes written in. Is it still the same styling as your pan from 67?



Yes, Matt, I did.  And I still think it's a wannabe low B tenor, even though your labelled diagram does not seem to have the low B.  Aga Morris was the tuner who made my pan in 1967, and it definitely had a low B.low D was at the bottom right, while low C was bottom left, with Eb on the mid-left.

Hope this helps. 



Thanks Peter,

It does have a low B in the top right. There was mention of this possibly being a hybrid between a couple of styles. With that low B, is this the same layout you are thinking of?


I believe you have a long time styled pan.

I remember playing this style tenor pan before pans were in the cycle of 4ths & 5ths.

This is vintage!


Like Earle said , the low B is missing. But this isn't a really old Invaders style tenor. In  1964, while in Vancouver, Cobo Jack borrowed my tenor to play Lieberstraum while visiting there with a Despers side. When he tried to rev up the tune in his famous way he looked at me with amazement and asked "where the high B?" . My pan  from the later 50's had a low B but stopped at high A.


This is why you've got to post the other question on the forum, Matt. You never know who's out there with the answer.
yep, I think so. Watch for that to be coming real soon, I just want to get this one handled first.


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