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Does anyone on this forum know if we have the same set of judges for the large bands from the preliminaries all the way to the finals.

I understand that two of the judges are from Tobago. Also how is it possible for a band to get a lower score in the semi finals based on the critique each band gets in the prelims.This is the talk in the NY pan circles.      

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AWT, until they invent a computer to judge we will always be dissatisfied with the judging, and even if there is a computer we will complain about IBM doing a better job than HP.

Somewhere in the bible it says " man is a few days and full ah trouble" that ain't no lie. lol

You can play worse in the semis than you did in the prelims. You also had bands in previous years scoring high in the semis and did not execute as well in the finals and came lower. Three judges were used in the prelims and two were added for the semi finals. With three you got one total from them and with five, when you drop the highest and the lowest you can end up with a total from the remaining three with less than your preliminary score.

I am not for dropping any highest and lowest. If you have five judges (which you don't need) then score out of five hundred or out of three hundred with three judges.


The reason behind dropping the highest and the lowest of the five marks is that it tends to mitigate, if not remove personal bias and distortion, hopefully precluding statistical anomalies and/or incongruities.

This is not unique to Panorama.  We see that done in several Olympic events.

Anyway, one person whom I believe can adequately substantiate or refute the above and furnish a more detailed and complete explanation is Mr. Franklyn.

Albeit I know he is a respected author, I think of him as “The Stats Man.”

Whey yuh been Dr. delight? I have been missing you!!!

Ah going in the dictionary to check the meaning of "mitigate" and "anomalies"  and "incongruities" and then ah going and listen to CALYPSO FIESTA. Bet you don't know that there is a major incongruity between my love for Calypso Music (99%)  and my love for Pan Music (1%).

Dr Delight...I've said once and I have no problem saying it a thousand times..."Panorama is not to be taken too seriously"...In this years' competition we went before six judges...our highest point was 94 and lowest was 73 (imagine that) of the four in-between the highest was 88, so I suppose that went out as well...Beyond that one particular adjudicator both in the Prelims and Semis complained that our tune lacked a modulation. Modulation is a music-related term for change key. We played our tune in F and Eb. So you telling me that this esteemed judge couldn't hear a change key...on two occasions? Mind you this same judge opined to our Chairman after the prelims that she "didn't like those types of tunes"...Maybe that could explain her giving us 84 on both outings.

The only benefit of Panorama to Steelbands is bragging rights...and a lil kakada...Adopt the "crackshot" mentality and yuh fix for a few months...Beyond that Panorama does not educate, uplift, no longer promotes camaraderie, since one can "represent" as many bands as time would allow. From the running of the various shows to adjudication, anyhowness abounds...You expect me to take Panorama seriously...Not a chance...

Watch yuhself, merrytonestothebone. Yuh starting to sound like me sitting on an "isolated" branch of the TRINIDAD CULTURALTREE and watching the landscape askance!!! 

All along hoping for IMPROVEMENT!!!


Pure conjecture on my part but your final score should be the average of the remaining four judges after omitting the highest and the lowest, namely dropping 94 and 73 respectively.

[Wow! 21 marks is quite a disparity — a sound reason for tossing out the 2 extremes.]

I can’t really comment on the competency or the tone-deafness of the judges. But I can agree with your choice of tune, though.  :-)


Again, my guess is that you have withstood the years of “anyhowness”, as you put it, not for the meager emolument or the bragging rights, but for your love of music and for your love of the art, neither of which no judge can steal from you. Yuh jamming still, right? ;-)


You have been missing me? Good — don't improve your aim. :-)

I take it that you have not been affected adversely by the recent ‘bombogenesis’.

Do confirm that you are safe and sound.

Your welfare is of significant importance to most of us.

Dr. delight: The storms in Southern California are about 350 miles away from the Bay Area (Northern California) and the Oroville dam is about 153 miles to the East. But we have been getting RAIN as if we are living in the PACIFIC NORT WEST.

I actually think that YOUR BAND is going to WIN PANORAMA this year!!!

But the dam could break -- AH JAMMIN STILL!!!

Cecil the paying public and pan players are entitled to know that all bands are judged fairly especially where we have been seeing complete dominance of a one region/zone for the past thirty years in the large band category. It has gotten to the point that pan players have migrated to that region/zone because everyone want's to be playing for winning bands.   

Arthur: You and merrytonestothebone hung up on this FAIRNESS BUSINESS -- ah think allyuh does go to church and listen to the priest too much!!!

The politics dictate that NORTH bands win!!! And who want to argue against that I will tell them: JUST LOOK AT THE HISTORICAL RESULTS!!!


...I like the way you "put" it Claude...I am "hung up on Fairness"...thank you...


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