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Does anyone on this forum know if we have the same set of judges for the large bands from the preliminaries all the way to the finals.

I understand that two of the judges are from Tobago. Also how is it possible for a band to get a lower score in the semi finals based on the critique each band gets in the prelims.This is the talk in the NY pan circles.      

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Claude here is Facts - no Fake News Allowed ..your
Your boys won a championship with the league's MVP. The following year King James kicked your butt. What did you and boys do? You went out and got a another MVP. Now you have two on your team. You did not sit pack and beg.
If South bands want a win they have to change something. Why do they think what didn't work in the 80's and 90' and 2000's will work today?
How is it that New York and Tobago could see the talent of Leon "Foster" Thomas but not the South bands?

Just the facts Claude.


To put some TRUMPISM into the discussion, who ever wins is because the judging is RIGGED.

Blakie - Tribute To San Fernando

Wishing all the best in de rama...

Peter, I know the reason(s) for it but I don't agree with it.

Yuh mad or what? you really think any trini could concentrate for dat long?




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