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IF YOU take photos of masqueraders jumping and wining on the streets today and tomorrow, during the Carnival Parade of Bands, the best advice you can heed is not to upload them on Facebook and other popular social networking internet sites.

“One should not place photographs of masqueraders or costumes, be it a headpiece or any other piece of artistic work, on Facebook or other social networking sites. Those pictures could be taken off these sites and used for financial gains,” warned chief executive officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation (TTCCO) Richard Cornwall, during an interview with Newsday yesterday.

“If you take those photos and post them on Facebook, what you have done is give someone the option of graphics. They can pull these images and compile them in a magazine which could then be used for commercial gain. If that could be traced to your website page, you can be held accountable as the source for the act of infringement,” Cornwall said.

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well mr cornwall, THATS capitalism. if yuh don't agree join us 4 revolution!!!

Excuse me sir; this is called censureship.  Have you ever heard about "freedom of the press"?

You can prevent me from filming in your restricted (paid) area, but once we are in public, it's fair game. Thanks for your space.

Privacy is extinct as the dodo bird......

Hotep, Mr. Cornwall is  400 %  Right. Just take a look of what has been done to Ethiopia ( Ites, Green n Gold Colors ) through The Spreadiing of RASTAFARI Movement Worldwide. Peolple may like It or Not, The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley Family STANDS. I remember early 90', while living in Paris, the '' Phillip Morris '' cigarette group had plans to launch a new pack of cigarette with Bob Marley name and photo, unfortunately for them, I got to know that, I just called a few friends in London and they did what they had to do. The france national air line '' Air France '' used the photo of a young girl ( 8 years old ) of Martinique during carnival in Fort de France some years ago, for promotion, all over Paris, on bus, train, news-stands, everywhere, the Parents got informed by her Aunt, and '' Air France '' Got SERIOUS Problems, Her parents did Not Stop '' Air France '' campaign, but after a global france territory researchs the parent Brought '' Air France '' to Court. OUR Culture, Patrimony, Traditions, Knowledges, etc Must Be Respected and Protected.



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