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I've just watched a video of Rising Stars Steel Orchestra and was impressed with their pan racks, I think this band is from the Virgin Islands, they put all Trini steelbands to shame, they have double decker pan racks which I found so kool.  As Trini people sleep the rest of the world will take everything about the pan and run with it.

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starlift 1982 had three double decker trailers they went to panorama with them it was a disaster

Never knew that Eustace.


It is unbelievable the emphasis we place on simple things in life and not on the really important ones.

The most important thing here, is to have the patents for pan and when you open a history book, it should say Pan was made or invented in Trinidad. Innovations are solely based on practicality. Pan on a stage could never sound good when you have an arrangement such as a double decker, apposed to individual racks of Bass; Chellos; Guitar Pan and Tenors positioned as an orchestra.

I have seen some innovation from Exodus and Desperados over the years, however it comes down to the sound. 

Yes we are up in arms every time we see another island take what we call our culture and improve or change it. At the end of the day it is where the item was born that is most important. Reggae from Jamaica; Soca and Pan from Trinidad in the history books.

Ask yourself without going into a history book or online who invented the Trumpet the Sax; the Violin; the Double Bass; The Keyboard. All of these have been improved on over the decades, not by the original inventor.  




History books


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