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Revisited - Dr. Dawn K. Batson - Chairperson for the Visual and Performing Arts, Professor of Music, Artist and Mentor - speaks on Pan & Panorama

Global - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - panist and Director of Florida Memorial University Steelband—Dr. Dawn Batson—shares her overall views on Pan, Panorama and more...


I have also tried to share my belief that music should never be stagnant.  Moments of beauty are often created by those willing to stretch (and sometimes burst) the boundaries. That is not to say that complexity is the answer for often the simplest response is the best. The essences I have found and have tried to pass along are respect and truth – to the music and to self.” ...Dr. Dawn Batson
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Thank you for being so eloquent and so right on. You are a gem.-Dave Gettes

Thank you, Dawn for your wonderfully hopeful thoughts.

Long live Pan.

Dr Dawn,

I really agree wholeheartedly with all your views.  I am not a Trinidadian, but a pan lover, non-the-less.  I had the privilege of attending one of your workshops in the Cayman Islands where I taught for a number of years (and played around with the pan), and although you don't need endorsement from persons like myself, I salute your continued visionary leadership in the steel pan arena.  I am interested in hearing your views, if I may, on whether you think that in the foreseeable future the natural pan will be replaced with digital/synthesized pan?..



Hello Sidd, I notice you always trying to push out the Originality of Pan and you always trying to push in the Phi-Pan, E-Pan, Digital-Pan, etc, why is it so, are you a promoter of one of these? 

Sidd is there a difference in the sound of a key-board using pan tones and the PHI, Epan or Digital pan? 

"The world is not made of good only. It contains evil and bad. To survive in it one has to embrace good and reduce as much evil or bad."

WORDS OF WISDOM, Sidd!!! But hard to embrace without BEING IN THE FIELD!!!

Happy Carnival Dr Batson, Well said. The Steel Pan movement need people like you to take it to the other level. Keep put the good work.

Kenneth Clarke 

Thank you Dr. Batson;

Any of Dr. Batson's students will tell you she is an excellent educator, who brings the best out of you. She challenges you, and don't let the smile fool you, she is very disciplined, when it comes to the classroom. She is one of the most-respected faculty at FMU, and I am honored to be among those she taught. Our country deserves to honor her, for the professional manner in which she has promoted our (pan) culture around the World. She'll ALWAYS be "Dr. B" to me.

Met  Dr. Batson a few years ago at FMU, wonderful human being. No airs!  Down to earth!

All life blessing to you dr.dawn batson on your birthday, dj innercity


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