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Informed sources are reporting that pan tuners and steelband leaders across the mecca have been showering praises on Pan Trinbago's new management of the drum factory. High quality drums are now available for the first time on demand, and off the shelf locally. Some sources are also reporting a sharp decline in the need to import North American drums as a result of competitive cost, and superior quality of the drums produced locally. 

This is good news, as the demand for high quality drums for the production of steel pans have always exceeded the supply.  In recent times techniques have evolved, technology now drives production, and the demand for consistency in raw material. Pan Trinbago's decision to prioritize this scope of its remit is admirable.

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I am so happy to hear this good news = Finally  Thx to the new management.

Russell, has this report been published in the T&T mainstream media??? 

I suspect that if this information is accurate, confirmation from all the stakeholders should be forthcoming.

Russell, thanks, I'll await the forthcoming word.  And just to be sure, when we're talking (Steel) Drum Factory, we're referring to PanLand, are we not???

A Resounding No. Sir Panland has absolutely nothing to do with Pan Trinbago's Drum Factory which is the subject of the discussion. This may have been the genesis of what I refer to Pan Trinbago gets drum-making factory from NP  

Fantastic, no doubt the naysayers and detractors are waiting for any hiccup to lay waste to the progress the new PT Executive is laying the groundwork with.  

Does TTPIL have their own website as yet?  I am very interested in learning more about the process as laid out. TTPIL will be importing its raw steel material [specifically developed for the steelpan] to manufacture steel drums for the burgeoning global /international steel pan industry: downstream products from this imported steel will include pan stands, mail boxes, tool kits and hose reels.  Besides the manufacture of drums for the steel pan industry – the factory can also manufacture steel storage drums. >>

Gives more meaning to the what Candice posted on social media ent...

I hope this video helps. You need to contact Pan Trinbago though. I am not an agent of theirs. They have paid elected representatives whose responsibility it is to disseminate information to the global community sir.

Ramsey-Moore looks to Pan prosperity

PAN TRINBAGO president Beverley Ramsey-Moore, five months into her tenure, remains committed to bringing "prosperity in pan."

When she became the first female president of the governing body, Pan Trinbago quickly revived the pan factory, which was open for business last month. Her idea of prosperity was not limited to generating income, however, but changing the internal culture of Pan Trinbago.

After her election, an outspoken and determined Ramsey-Moore swung into action. She quickly set out to resolve many of the issues plaguing the fraternity, not the least of which has been the perceived absence of transparency and accountability in its operations.


Not to worry bro, actually WST also disseminates good positive info for discussion, I am impressed and pleased with the activities and progress thus far.  I will visit the facilities and learn more when I visit T&T, thanks for raising the bar.


Looking forward to your fact finding mission.


Me too.  I am curious to discover the quality end product TTPIL is delivering and which Pan Tuners are using them in their efforts.

This is good news, I wish them well..


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