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DUKE AND BEVERLEY pulling all KINDA POLITICAL TRICKS ... when ah warn allyuh about BEVERLEY even BERTEL GITTENS laugh at me ...

... now BEVERLEY treat him like a little dog and THROW HIM IN THE BAMBOO PATCH.

With meh FAST SELF ah warn DR. FAITH during the TOBAGO elections about what was to come ... she tell me that I living in FOREIGN and I doh know TOBAGO POLITICS. Now DUKE just KICK SHE OUT OF POWER.

TRINIDAD PAN MEN should stand up against BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE and her UNCONSTITUTIONAL effort to suck every penny out of PAN TRINBAGO and line her pocket.

Ah glad that DOCTOR FAITH get kick out by DUKE ... and I am hoping that ROBERT HERNANDEZ has the COJONES to stand up and KICK BEVERLEY OUT and become THE NEW PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO.

This is going to be some DIRTY POLITICS and I will be taking a FRONT ROW SEAT to enjoy THE BACCHANAL Despite all the talk about a CLEAN AUDIT ... we are yet to see ONE FINANCIAL STATEMENT in the last 4 years ... who fooling who?

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