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Duvone’s A-game - Arranger seeks repeat victories for Renegades, Pan Elders

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Arranger Duvone Stewart leads BPTT Renegades to victory in the 2018 Panorama finals with the performance of Year to Love at Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - To the uninformed, Duvone Stewart can seem boastful.

Get to know him, though, and you’ll realise his apparent cockiness is really an affirmation of the greatness, he believes, he was destined to claim.

“I have always maintained a stance that I was born a winner,” an upbeat Stewart, 42, declared in a Sunday Newsday interview.

“I am living my dream and I am enjoying my dream and doing what I love doing best, making music and making people feel happy.”

As the ace arranger for BP Renegades Steel Orchestra, Stewart took the popular Duke Street, Port of Spain band, to victory with Voice’s (Aaron St Louis’) Year For Love, in last year’s National Panorama competition – a title it had last clinched some 21 years before. 

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I do not have a problem with the brother having super confidence in his abilities. Keep on doing what you do, I am one of those people you make feel happy. #CultureLivesHere 

"Renegades  from Duke Street"? Sudden move or Fake News?

My Word!  Genuine Fake news?

Latent aspirations, perhaps? Nahhhhh.

More like a silly faux pas. :-)


Many confuse confidence with boastful pride.  Those who know Duvone, know he lives and thrives in that difference.

"Boastful cockiness" is not part of the Renegade  culture.

A confident swagger is. A confidence born of excellent0 musicianship and a strong sense of community. Duvone is a true Renegade, after last years brilliant win he made sure to thank EVERYONE, who had contributed to it. I was impressed with his humility. The great ones usually are.

This is your time Bro. enjoy your success.

With all the BAND WAGON JUMPING with Duvone Stewart, Lilian Sten was the ONLY POSTER who recognized his genius and complimented it BEFORE HE STARTED TO WIN!!!

Go and DIG DEEP in THIS FORUM  and see THE TRUTH!!!

I remember telling Duvone at NY panorama in Brooklyn that he would soon win a panorama in Trinidad. I believe he would win many more. Go get yours bro 


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