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Duvone Stewart and Salmon Cupid: These could be two GLOBAL AMBASSADORS FOR PAN!

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Informally and unofficially, they already are... ;-)

Andre: A serious PAN TRINBAGO ADMINISTRATION would start sending PAN AMBASSADORS like Salmon Cupid around the globe to represent the instrument (the TWO INSTRUMENTS) but all the contenders want to do is to collect the salary and perks and steal what they can!!!

One Trinidadian attended this event!!! Want to guess who it was?

Ah man send me ah email cussing me and telling that I suddenly jumping on the SALMON CUPID BAND WAGON because he was in the BIG 2MILL TORONTO PARADE showcasing THE PAN.

Well that man DUMBER THAN GEORGE RAMPERSAD because I have been praising SALMON CUPID for years on THIS FORUM.

DOH TEST MEH (Like my Jamaican girlfriend used to tell me) because I could go pull up five more postings in this vein from over the years -- praising that man.

I for one can attest that Claude has always supported Salo, long time now, lol...


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