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The saying goes, "variety is the spice of life", so check out Freddy Harris 3 on the E-Pan 2.0 doing his thang... > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVj-KJlxnLc&list=UUSZwxi2wUXHUn...

If I am ever fortunate enough, my dream is to sponsor Olujimi La Pierre and FHIII to perform in concert on the same stage.  With both the conventional Steelpan and the innovative E-Pan.  I know in my mind, heart and soul that it will be an explosive blockbuster for entertainment.

I agreed with Salo (the inventor and patent-holder) from the start, once any panist gets their hands on an e-pan, with skills, talent and creativity, it's not hard to imagine where one can go.  The sky's the limit...

While revolutionizing the manner in which the "steelpan" sound is delivered, the e-pan maintains the basic and traditional way the instrument is played. The evolution will allow the panist-musician to retain skill-sets learnt from the traditional steelpan, lowering the learning curve with mastering the e-pan and remain focused on playing the instrument by concentrating on the performance of music and development of the art form. This can now be done while far less attention is paid to the cumbersome and rigorous logistics hitherto involved with stage setting and sound delivery, especially for large and outdoor venues that are well-known as challenging environments for steelpan acoustics.


While the e-pan not only delivers the "steelpan sound", it also encompasses the full range of the orchestral symphony such as violin, guitar, piano and horns, which can also be blended with other sounds to favour and flavour experimentation, enhancing the musical versatility of the panist. This will allow and afford them greater opportunities for valuable work, whether performing solo or as "accom-panist".


The classical and traditional steelpan musical instrument as it has evolved to this point and beyond, will always maintain its place. But as panists know only too well as musicians and artists, the search for an electronic version has always been anticipated. Top panist the world over have long hoped for that companion electronic version, to allow them to have a well-tuned durable instrument in their keep. That "dream pan" it was hoped, would not require the time, effort and cost to maintain, especially if compared over the lifespan of the steelpan. This would allow them, especially as solo artist, arrangers and composers, the flexibility and versatility to practice, explore and create in traditional and new ways. Only their imaginations, musicianship and artistic creativity will limit them once this new tool is in their hands.

Dr. VersaStyle, you wicked, BOOM!!!

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