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Earl Richards: SUPPOSIN'!!! Now ah ONLY SUPPOSIN!!! Suppose BEVERLEY was serious about SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION and THE PAN WORLD -- don't you think that she would have organized a HELPING HAND ...


Earl: Do you know that WACK and KENNY PHILLIPS have a form on their website where you can DONATE CASH to WACK directly? And yuh know that KENNY PHILLIPS and BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE is best FRIENDS and BUSINESS PARTNERS in the world.

So SUPPOSIN' that BEVERLEY did contact KENNY and tell him that she wanted to use his EASY ACCESS FUNDING SOURCE as a PORTAL for EXPATS and PATRIOTS and PAN LOVERS all over the world to make a contribution toward a CANNED FOOD DRIVE in TRINIDAD. And SUPPOSIN' that they collected about $20,000 TT in the PROCESS and then they went to some FOOD DISTRIBUTORS in TRINIDAD and bought some canned food WHOLESALE. And then they set up some stations in A FEW PAN YARDS and from there they took CANNED FOOD to some OLD PAN MEN and to some NEEDY OLD PEOPLE in the COMMUNITY.

Earl: When you start a project like that you have NO IDEA how it MIGHT MUSHROOM and who will turn up to help and how much they might contribute. So I will STOP SUPPOSIN' here. But tell BEVERLEY that (although I don't think that it is too late to RUN with A PROJECT like this) until she start EXECUTING with the SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION TING -- stop bluffing with THE TERM!!!

Ah hope yuh taking GOOD CARE of yourself. I done drink up meh CALLALOO early!!!

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