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PanTrinbago President Keith Diaz.

Carnival 2018 is just two months away, but things are not looking very merry for the festival.

The first Panorama show is just about one month off, on January 4, and there seems no end in sight to the financial wrangling between the special interest groups – Pan Trinbago, the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO), and the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) – and the National Carnival Commission (NCC) and/or the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts.

There is an ongoing court matter between Pan Trinbago and the NCC about the gate receipts from Panorama this year.

Meanwhile, the 40-plus employees of Pan Trinbago are not being paid. According to one, “We received salary on October 12, but October and November are still outstanding.

“We need our salaries, we have rent to pay, food to buy to feed our families and money to send our children to school. This looks like it will be a bleak Christmas.”

Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz said, “We have not received any subvention and the NCC has not paid us the ten per cent from the Panorama prize money for this year.

“That is the money we use to carry out the daily running of the organisation. We have not paid rent for our offices for about five months and we are not in a position to help the east, south and Tobago zones with their office rental either.”

Newsday was told the phone lines at Pan Trinbago’s Park Street headquarters have been disconnected and there has been no electricity at the Northern Region Office, Jerningham Avenue in Belmont for some time. Pan Trinbago pays this bill for the region.


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What a MESS Doctor Dolly has made of things!!!

Claude:  DEY LIKE IT SO .....

WAT did U Xpect Mi Amigo??? diamonds and pearls????

Leave the Doctor alone.  

"Is the NCC truly responsible for paying the salaries of the employees of those organisations?"


PAN TRINBAGO has 40-plus employees: What do these people do all day long?

I am sure that odw's little son could run a profitable PAN TRINBAGO WEBSITE marketing pan-related products to the world and bringing in about $60,000 US a year -- while going to school every day and playing football and basket ball everyday and hanging out with his friends every day and still have time to kneel down and pray before he goes to bed.

Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz said, “We have not received any subvention and the NCC has not paid us the ten per cent from the Panorama prize money for this year.

With the gate receipts money and the 10% prize money sitting in an interest-baring account some-where, somebody getting PAID or PROFITING???  Maybe, the legal fees depleted the account???

NCC was like a Rat guarding the cheese.

Cecil: Somehow ah feeling that a STORM IS BREWING and ah BIG MARK go BUS' with all this NCC and TUCO and PAN TRINBAGO and the two CARNIVAL BAND LEADERS ASSOCIATIONS disarray.

DOLLY might surprise me and CLEAN HOUSE!!!

Claude, Cecil, ODW

Everything is under control. The Doctor can ask the International Steelband Foundation to host a 2018 Panorama with only their members. It would sell out the Grand Stand and North Stand - overflow the track with people and break the Internet because of too many viewers.  And make stupid money.


ha ha


Bugs, I have confidence in the Doctor, she not doing to let anyone make her look ah fool.

Keith Diaz I feel your PAIN.  On the same hand, there is a Young lady in Washington DC that has not been reimbursed by Pan Trinbago for over $14, 000. when  she hosted Desperadoes, Regeneration Now, Singing Sandra and the Mighty Sparrow at Howard University, Crampton Auditorium and in Philadelphia over TEN YEARS - isn't that a shame?  She had bills to pay also a single lady who was PROMOTING her CULTURE by sharing it with others.  All she ever received when she placed calls and written letters to the Director at the time and all she got was "yuh kudd afford tu give yuh country that man."  This world is round and what one sows one reaps.


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