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Engagement with streaming drives growth of global music market...

Driven by fans’ engagement with streaming – especially paid subscription audio streaming – digital revenues now account for more than half (58.9%) of the global recorded music market.

Total streaming revenues increased by 34.0%. By the end of 2018, there were an estimated 255 million users of paid subscription accounts globally.

In 38 markets, digital revenues now account for more than half the recorded music market.

The recording industry’s global revenues for 2018 came from a number of revenue streams:

25% physical, 12% Digital (excl. streaming), 47% Streaming, 14% Performance rights

2% Synchronization revenues https://www.ifpi.org/facts-and-stats.php

Exodus - BIG 5 Concert

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The Global Music Industry Hit $19 Billion In Sales In 2018 -- what PERCENTAGE did TRINIDAD MUSIC TAKE HOME?

COTT raking in all kinds of money so they should be able to give us THAT ANSWER -- unless is ALL MIMIC MEN running everything down in THAT COUNTRY.

Even if we eh reach the THE DIGITAL AGE YET down there -- the PHYSICAL SALES was almost FIVE BILLION DOLLARS. How much we get from that?

Again, I say!!! It is time to stop ALL THE WE SO TALENTED TALK and start making some GLOBAL MUSIC to DEMONSTRATE THE TALENT I have been hearing about for the LAST 50 YEARS!!!


OK, I have heard your complaints.

Now, what part are you willing to play?
Will you start a global streaming company for T&T music?
Will you assist one performer or steelband to get involved in the global marketplace?

BTW COTT is not "raking in money". COTT is not a private company. and is in an endless battle with radio stations and TV stations and fete promoters and businesses who play recorded music to collect 'royalties' and 'neighbouring rights' to distribute to their COMPOSER MEMBERS. If you ask the members they would tell you that their earnings are nowhere near to what it should/could be.
Is there a way that you could help to build awareness of the rights of composers and performers and help to get those who should pay to pay willingly?

Even if we eh reach the THE DIGITAL AGE YET down there???

Caribbean Cyber Stream

Published on Feb 3, 2019

GateWay to The World Live Production 2019

Website - www.gtwexperience.com

Kes the Band - Savannah Grass "LIVE" @ Gateway to the World 2019

Welcome to....
Caribbean CyberStream


Awesome video service, extremely professional and an excellent, high quality end product! Exceptional!

The POSSIBILITIES here are LIMITLESS… The (ISF) International Steelband Foundation in keeping with Theodore Guerra’s VISION for ADVANCING the STEELBAND MOVEMENT.

They (PAN LEADERSHIP) can educate themselves on how the STREAMING process works and develop STANDARDS for GLOBAL broadcast/consumption, accessibility in targeted markets, start generating DIGITAL REVENUE.

 There are 14 year olds who understand the streaming business and are able to maximize on their investments; we saw the work produced by tt868 at the 2019 Carnival celebrations.

 On the Road -- Trinidad - Port of Spain -- Brandon_tt868 Live feed Trinidad Carnival Tuesday 2019

Watch carnival in port of Spain trinidad from Brandon_tt868 on www....


Trinidad All Stars - BIG 5 Concert

BIG 5 Tribute to Pat Bishop
Advance Dynamics LTD
Streamed live on Sep 22, 2018

Phase ll - BIG 5 Tribute to Pat Bishop


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