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The time gap for the forensic audit into Pan Trinbago may leave enough time for guilty partners to cover their tracks and obstruct the investigation, but according to the Minister of Community development and Culture Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, it's a risk they have to take for the national festival to go on.

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Justice must be served and the guilty has to pay the price.

Salah the guilty will never pay a price in Trini. If fact the guilty may be paid.

Organiser Thats A Bandit

Make sure nobody missed the line: "If there is any wrong doing."

I find for an amateur politician Claude, everything that I have recommended to the powers that be, has been implemented,..and I have also RETURNED the Government Grant of $20000.00 for unsponsored bands issued today back to the Culture Ministry...along with our Assistance Grant of $13500.00 back to NCC....in accordance with PanTrinbago Panorama Rules 2017.....

Todays Guardian, shows that in defiance PanTrinbago executives are in denial.....

Doctor PM and Minister Dolly bring that government audit on NOW Minister Dolly right now for that foolish insidious act of condemnation to accuse the intervenors of hostile takeover ...before those executive officers BURN DOWN de office like WASA...before de audit even start....... And let the chips fall where they may....for that outta timing remark....please madam...start the audit NOW.......Peace

why tip them off?

its the culutral and politically right thing to do

 and of course give them time for a press conference and an awards ceremony

  more grand charge


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