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Hey people...I am trying to gather enough money to purchase an epan. SO I have this fund raiser online. Can you please donate something, any amount is appreciated http://www.gofundme.com/epan4keishaun

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KJ, at this stage is your crowdfunding effort looking for pledges or you have a way to contribute online?

Hi Mr. Dellevi, as you may know. I have a very active steelpan channel on youtube with almost 1500 subscribers from around the world and over 200,000 thousand views. My intentions are to continue what I do on youtube but implement the epan into some of my videos. So its not like people are pledging online and they won't hear about me again except they see me perform at a function and thats it! Thats not my plan. I plan to gradually grow my youtube channel and also show off the features of the epan, subsequently showing what steelpan has evolved into. 

If anyone wants to take a look at my youtube channel, here it is http://www.youtube.com/KeishaunJulienMusic

Mr. Julien: You are on the RIGHT TRACK. Trinis are always looking to start ON TOP. You are starting from the bottom and BUILDING UP to the TOP. I like your plan!

What an answer you gave to Mr. Hinkson!!!

I will be following your CLIMB TO THE TOP!!! BEST OF LUCK!!!


You are a brave young man, smart too. Seeing that you came on a pan site to ask for money you have also open up yourself to a lot of questions, like why you choose the Epan over the PHI or did you check and see if there are others that cost less that's doing the same thing?

I'm sure  Andre will put in a good word for you to get a discount from Salmon having stated your preference of the Epan.

Hi Mr. Hinkson....I know of the epan, the phi and I saw another one thats has steelpan tones but its on a flat surface. Of the three I have seen, hands down I prefer the epan. Let me start of with what I dont like about the PHI. I don't like the look of it. I dont like that screen thats plugs into the top of it (it reminds me of those long time camera phones that you had to plug in a camera into in order to access the camera feature). It dont seem to have a wide array of instruments available on it as the epan. Based on what I have seen, I have only heard two tones thus far i.e the steelpan tone and a crystal sounding tone. In addition, in general, I don't like the appearance of it.
On the other hand, the epan is visually appealing to me. It had tons of different instruments that you can choose from. It isn't limited to one pan to but you have 6 pan tones you can choose from plus you can it allows you to upload ANY steelpan tone you want via a USB port. I like the fact that it has bluetooth connectivity that can alow you to wirelessly connect a mobile device to play background music through the speaker of the epan. In addition, I also like the fact the all the controls are implemented into the design of the instrument unlike the PHI.

To conclude, my general thought on the PHI is that it is a little outdated in terms of features and the epan is the only electrical steelpan I have seen that to-datehas been keeping up to the times. That is the reason I favour the design and everything about the epan. Oh, not because something is cheaper I go for it. People that knows me personally knows that I like quality stuff. So if it means working harder to attain it, I prefer to do that than settle for something cheap. 


I think the people that manufacture the Epan should let you have one FREE because of the way you let us know why you prefer it to the rest

That is the biggest plug I've ever seen for the Epan.

Could not have said it better KJ but you may want to look into the additional cost/outlay to add the periperal/auxilliary equipement required to make the P.H.I.-pan work for you.

The ePan is stand-alone/plug-n-play/ready-to-go when purchased from NAPEinc.com.

As for the cost being discounted, Salo does not have access to funds to finance his venture as others did, so he's running a business and not a charity.  He has bills to pay.

  • Sterling C Sample Sr What is the price now ? Inbox me if you want
  • Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid I am trying to keep everything the same price but its very hard so if I am not able to cut cost through cheaper manufacturing I am afraid the price will have to go up but for now ....TENOR E-PAN $2900us ..... PREMIUM SOFT-SHELL HEAVY-DUTY E-PAN CASE $285us .... Tenor E-Pan Collapsable Stand $175us .

Lord forbid we start another round of fussing-n-fightng from mis-communication and well-meaning cross-talk before things settled down, eh...

I've put my money where my mouth is and given a contribution to KJ's efforts using the GoFundMe crowdfunding app.

I've been following the KeishaunJulienMusic and applaud your journey!

Everything was going fine until you dropped into this inanity below.

so he's running a business and not a charity.  He has bills to pay.

Claude, You got to understand Salmon is running ah business and Keishaun is not Duvone Stewart, but Keishaun will get up there one day then everybody will be begging him to advertise for them. I would like to contribute but I am not a fan of the E-Pan. 

You dont have to be a fan of the epan to contribute...you can contribute with a mindset that you are helping me (a young person) achieve a goal.

KJ, like Duvone is from Tobago and he seems to have been raised with a good sense of himself like the Duv, so he has a good steps to follow. The young man seems to be charting a good course for himself and his approach to be diligent is admirable. How the hell is hat insanity? You know what bills Salo has to pay? You see anyone else giving away pan? Maybe one of the other electro pans can afford to but Salo can not and will not. Freddy Harris got a sponsor and KJ has chosen another path.

Redundancy!!! Inanity!!! We already know that Salo is running a business. It was unnecessary to restate the blatantly obvious. I was not asking you to GIVE AWAY anything.


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