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Sorry, Bob. Just a paraphrase. You’re not alone.

Same same here in Trinidad & Tobago.

Me too, and some of we too have been following your line of thought.

For example, we’re not grazing animals, and not a soul had the Savannah Brass to question Kes and the Band's decision to foresee the brouhaha over what the latest long pants scenario has wrought in such a short time.

Not even the Calypso Lord, David Rudder.

Here is Rudder’s take in my film, MasMan.

“To define Trinidad . . . 
If you can’t find a definition for Minshall’s art 
Is because you can’t find a definition for Trinidad 
Trinidad society is a strange place 
First of all, to the rest of the world, one and one equals 2 
To start to understand Trinidad, 1 plus 1 is eleven 
One and one is 11 in Trinidad.” 

David Rudder

Just a grain of salt? 
Or, is it, well, GRASS? 
Good thing Kes had the Savannah Brass to Bulk up the latest Panorama drama.

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