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VIA the PLAGIRISED INFRINGMENT AND HOMICIDE OF 3 three S.N.S.E (aka) Pan Am North stars CV2014-00079 Claim witnesses, where in 2005 the Late Judy Arthur and Mervyn Peters was seen in a Limo on Patner and Bombay St St james with, Copeland and Regrello, and later at Humming Bird pan yard on Fort George Rd, by four other witnesses “Deposition” that was not disclosed in CV2014-00079 Statement of Case, for this very specific reasons, as Earl Phillips, one of Copeland UWI Lab assistant who took me to lab in 2009, to show me what they were doing, he was “Eradicated” in May 2014, after Peters in March 2014...

Prior to this,  after CV2014-00079 claim was filed and served, I was threatened to be killed by another one of Bruan Copeland UWI puppet’s assistant Keith Maynard, but as a Regitered U.S. Corporate and Criminal Law Graduate Attorney with, Tao Jeet Kune Do, Go Ju Ru, Aikido, and Tai Chi Chun Black belt’s, his life was in danger not my own therefore, I made this Police Report instead, see St james Police Report No A093439,  Feburary 28 th 2014.

In 2005/2006 GUARDIAN NEWS PAPER Article by Sean Nero Quote; The PM Manning said a mandate was given to UWI Professor Brian Copeland, Clement Imbert, and pannist Junia Regrello of San Fernando, to create a new family of pans, based on the tenor, “But pans to be developed must be in the fourth and fifth model or the spider-web design, and must be patented”, Manning said Un quote, this implements a “Plagisrized Infringement”, Breaching T&T’s Copyright Act Jurisdiction Law’s (Chapter 82:80), where the said 4ths & 5ths modeled technology or spider-web pans was, “Invented Derived” by OUR S.N.S.E.’s own “ Leader Tuner Arranger Inventor Anthony Williams in 1949, Internationally Design Patented 18th  September 1963, with Modification Copyrights through the U.S. Library of Congress Washington D.C. November 1999, they tried to revoke but failed, and 2 other Modified Copyrights through Invent Tech of Florida July 8th 2003 and, Awesome Intel Limited in T&T 2009, as the PNM GORTT Government allegedlly gets patent for G-pan, already Patented, a Greave Conlict of Interest, on the GORTT part, Corruption, Larceny, Treason, and even Espionage, where No Government World Wide can own property belonging to Citizens of the State.

After Arthur’s death in 2013, this prompted me to file CV2014-00079 claim, served in Feburary 2014 where a Notice of Appeareance was filed according to Supreme High Court Proceedual Protocol Rule of Law, by Brian R. Copeland et al Attorney Stephen Selandy and is to file a Defense within 28 days, deliberately failed to do so but instead, filed FORM 3A Application to pay by Installments, because the Defense Owe’s Plaintiff Claimant, and cannot afford to pay the whole amount in one Lumpsum, playing their Above the Law Game, a clear admittion of Guilt Therefore; I filed for Jugedment in Default of Defense, Regiestered in the Supreme High Court P.O.S T’dad, Check Mate Game Over, U LOSE...

They later filed with the Court that the Claim was “Frivilous and Vexacious and it should be Dismissed”, and has not paid one red cent, since they file FORM 3 A, June 2014 ...

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