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Sparrow has so many great calypsoes that so exqusitely capture the soul of the Nation; in lyrics, music and delivery;It is difficult to choose. Melda, Sa sa yeh, Phillip My Dear, "... George Bailey I will always remember; when ah steelband pas' playing mas'' The names maybe subject to correction but hopefully readers will know the ones I have noted.

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In some ways, Melda was more than a calypso. There was a mood and excitement to the song even though the lyrics were controversial. 

A man with musical knowledge and great taste for good music Claude Gonzales and my good friend Glenroy Joseph. Yes Earl Rodney a legend in music will always be honored for his excellent contributions. To add to your best of Sparrow's memorable tunes are: Patsy, Bermuda Girls, Jean and Dinah, Saturday Night, Sell the Pussy and many more, a very controversial one indeed. The master Earl Rodney arranged those and many more with Sparrow Troubadors. Some of you were too young to remember.

Orville DeVlugt "Dutchy".

A true leader and nation builder in his own right...timeless classics.

Mighty Sparrow EDUCATION

Mighty Sparrow - Calypso Trade Unionist

Mighty Sparrow - One Love One Heart

Sparrow Parables...

One of my top Sparrow arrangements on pan was Solo Harmonites "Pussy Laughing at me" , as arranged by the great Earl Rodney.

That was the real sound and power of Harmonites from the early days.

Regardless of your political point of view , "One Love , One Heart " is the sweetest political calypso ever.
The arrangement , the pan solo , the horns, true calypso music at its sweetest !

A Winsford Divine composition , I believe ?


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