Festival International de Steelpan de Montreal 2011

Publicity poster for F.I.S.M. - Festival International de Steelpan de MontrealMontreal, Canada - There are times in history when certain moments and/or events are so pivotal to the future developments and accomplishments of a movement and culture, that they can actually dwarf the moment. Liken this instant to a star that has gone supernova a million years ago, and is only now visible in our solar system to us. The fortuitous coming together of the Festival International de Steelpan de Montreal (F.I.S.M.) and Week-Ends du MONDE is such an occurrence. What took place at this 2011 festival will have major implications that will be felt globally for generations to come.

Like a scene out of the Pied Piper calling and leading his enchanted flock through the hypnotic sound of his musical instrument - similarly the sweet sounds of the steelpan from three orchestras descended over the twin islands of Parc Jean-Drapeau. With no less effect than a mystical mist like that from a magical Aladdin lamp - thousands of people with faces of wonderment followed the sound emanating from the steelpan instruments.”

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  • Salah, I admire your dedication to the steelpan, you look like a man with a vision. I must first thank you for the many years of sweet steelband music here in Montreal. I had a wonderful time at Parc Drapeau this year, it was awesome,  now I look foward  to see what you have up your sleeve for 2012. In Parc Jean Drapeau you have found the MOST beautiful venue for staging F.I.S.M. As you said it's like "Pan in the Hollows" I pray that everything work-out perfectly so that we could have a world class festival next year. Remember to always dream BIG.

    To the members of WST the young man playing the Tenor-Pan in Special Connection is Autistic, Salah have him playing pan for quite a few years now.

    • Thanks Cecil,

      With support from brothers like you around...we can not only think BIG but act BIG....we have already started for next year 2012


  • What are the dates for the 2011 festival?



    • Bugs thanks for the interest ...we are going to get back to you soon with the dates as we are already negotiating with a bigger approach for 2012 so stay tuned


  • Contact Salah Wilson at sal_wils@hotmail.com for information on performing at the Festival International de Steelpan de Montreal Festival. Montreal is the place to be for 2012.
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