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Finals Order of Appearance for International Panorama

1. Gunslingers – St. Martin
2. BP Renegades – Trinidad
3. NGC Steel Xplosion- Tobago
4. Calypsociation Steelband – France
5. Mosiac Steel Orchestra – USA...
6. Curepe Scherzado – Trinidad
7. Ebony Steelband Trust – England
8. Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Grove – Trinidad
9. Pan Elders – Trinidad
10. Panorama Steel Orchestra – Japan
11. UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra – Jamaica
12. Super Novas – Trinidad
13. Pan Fantasy Steelband - Canada
14. NLCB Buccooners – Tobago
15. Brooklyn Steel Orchestra – USA
16. Trinidad All Stars – Trinidad
17. EXODUS – Trinidad
18. Pan Time Steel Orchestra – St. Lucia
19. PSC NItrogern Silver Stars- Trinidad
20. Pan Coalition – USA
21. Arima Golden Synphony – Trindad
22. Starlift Steel Orchestra – ST. Vincent
23. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps- Trinidad
24. Salah’s Steelpan Academy- Canada

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This is in the interest of those the feel the show we be too long. leave after band 17.

Maybe DUVONNE STEWART emerges as a CHAMPION ARRANGER at the highest level on Sunday night. In that case you can leave after BAND NUMBER TWO! I am sure that at 10:00 p.m. (PST) Salah will be still waiting to get his band on stage.

That's not nice, Cecil. You are dissing Silver Stars which could win the thing.

I know you are a betting man.
So come Saturday, put a small $500 on 'Jamette'.
Ok? Is a sure thing. Guaranteed!!
Of course the attendant Tabanca yuh sure to get go be de 'Lagniappe'.
Ha Ha ha Ha ...... Ou Goodeeee......
That pan music always sweet because yuh know it SMOOTH..........and now,.....even the number of the order of appearance SWEET. Cecil, yuh dey? Trust meh!! Is pure honey, oui.

Mister delight: I beg to differ!!! She was NOT a JAMETTE ... remember he is the one who WENT AND ROAM FROM DUSK TIL DAWN [AND] COME BACK HOME TO FIND THE CURRY GONE.

Come Sunday, put your small $500 on "TIGER" because BOOGSIE coming out FEROCIOUS like ah TIGER on Sunday night!!!

I notice Salah playing last.... anybody going to be around to hear him ?

We talk about " finals"  order of appearance. Did I miss something, or is there a semi finals involved ?

You did not "MISS" anything, Jerry. No semis! Just Finals.

Picky people.

WOW! Imagine a world panorama competition without Desperadoes.......Sad!

Why, maybe a good thing!

Despers have No one to Blame But themselves. They Have the Sweetest Pans - Some of the Best Players. Their only Problem was their Arrangement.


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