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So far, so good. Hafta deal with this in installments. To really appreciate you gotta listen in the middle of the nite........in silence.

"Pan by Storm". Nice work. The two girls w mikes (?)???

i am happy that you appreciate the vibe guys.

Aquil: I hate to tell you this, but the best part of the show for me was this girl I saw in the audience -- pretty as a peach.

Boy, I ready to start sending down child support payments even if she doh have no children and even if the children is not mine.

But dem old fellahs (who were forced to play outside the arena -- that could be considered elder abuse in some countries) was the best of the night for me. Yuh know, if somebody take them 5 to 7 players in the  MUSIC STUDIO and get them to produce a PAN CD with TWELVE SONGS all played in CALYPSO TEMPO -- simple as they was playing dem songs last night ... I am sure that EXPATS around the world would buy that CD and enjoy it.

TEN POPULAR POP SONGS (STANDARDS) and TWO CALYPSOS (HOT HOT HOT and MATILDA) and we need a good SOUND ENGINEER -- and that CD could become a CALLING CARD to attract GIGS from the OUTSIDE WORLD.

That version of "TELL YUH SISTER TO LEAVE MEH HUSBAND ALONE" was so pure. You could tell that the players had listened to the calypso 100 times before and totally got the feel of it. So they played almost as if it was a copy of the lyrical delivery in the song. Ah could hear COMPOSER'S VOICE in the delivery.

And that is what I don't like with PANORAMA TODAY. Like the arrangers doh even listen to the melody and lyrics and rendition of the calypso. They so busy putting in all kinda irrelevant pieces in the music trying to show you how much they know about music and killing the CARNIVAL SPIRIT in the process.

If they know all that music and they so good: Where is the MUSIC? Where is calls from GLOBAL CONCERT HALLS telling them: We  must have you perform in our country. ALL MAMAGUY!!!

And let me say this for the last time: PANORAMA MUSIC will never be accepted GLOBALLY!!! That is a myth!!!


Thank you for all the hard work and effort you volunteered to make this first ever for Trinbago.... concert of school aged children performing to equal any performance on an international stage.   By the end I was emotionally riveted to tears by this outstanding event..

@Claude Gonzales,   you were so right.  This event impressed me so much.  I expect to be in tt for carnival and I hope to have a face to face meeting with Aquil.

Brenda H.


I liked this so much even though I did not have good audio for parts of it.  Added to that my hearing could hardly understand their speech.

I was taken aback when they appeared in concert attire and was smiling since I had wondered b4 why they were not dressed for a stage performance.  That crowned it for me.

No wonder Aquil was somewhat distracted by the election atmosphere.

Do you think they could do another concert and be sponsored by big names to give these young children the greatest gift of their lifetime.  (I am a senior but I still remember my days of acting on Queens Hall Stage when it was first opened.  One never forgets.)

Brenda H. 

i am really moved by your comment Mr. Brenda Hosang and it would be a great honour to meet you.

Aquil this is a very good show your performance and that of 'GULSTON and the Children on the steelpan was excellent,the pannist on the 'Alto pan' was exceptional the seniors are always welcome.....where were the younger supporters of the steelpan? if they were in the audience I didn't see them......keep pan alive......peace

There was, but the majority was more mature people.

It is a concern of mine, however, i am getting to realise as the younger ones get to middle age, they become the audience.

I know y young people is not the audience, I have a propose solution for it, but it will take an organization to implement it, if we want to see that change in the next decade.

i implement it, just as Aquil, mite take 3 to 4 decades to get the result. 

Yes, Knolly!!! I made the same observation about the age of audience.


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