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Sforzata Steel Orchestra, is managed by Trevor Reid, a trustee of the Central Executive of PanTrinbago.....

Messrs. Forteau, Sheppard, Reid, Salvador, & Augustus, are continuing to act in a manner inimical to the directives of the general membership of our association, and seem hell bent on subversive activities to undermine the mandate of the supreme judicial, and legislative authority of PanTrinbago, outlined on March 27, 2018.

Music is our culture,... Noise is not...Please tune out the noise....the business of the association as outlined on the meeting of Tuesday coming is clear as crystal......

It is critically important for all to understand that,government monies, that is taxpayers monies don't like unsafe harbors for ports of call particularly during this time of political uncertainty at PanTrinbago. 

I feel reasonably certain that instructions to release those particular funds as it relates to performance fees and finalist monies for conventional bands will only be released to their respective parties, WHEN a newly elected executive of PanTrinbago is installed. 

With that, I urge All bands, and their delegates, to focus on ensuring that all attend to the membership meeting at CWU Hall on Tuesday 17th April 2018....to ratify the early election date, as a means to the end, of obtaining our just financial due coming out of Panorama 2018...

Do not be distracted by the shenanigans of those obstructionists, whose superlative recalcitrance to go against  the prescribed directives of the general membership, in an effort to maintain and prolong this quagmire of self-serving leadership by these misguided officers, to frustrate the wishes of the membership.

I urge you to tune in to I95.5FM and call in at 868.622.3937 this afternoon as the Office of the President of PanTrinbago, along with the Chairman of Northern Region, @⁨Gerald Mendez⁩ LIVE, with call-ins from the Chairman of Tobago Region, Marie Toby and Vice Chairman of Eastern Region, Anthony Walker, and our Chairman @⁨Anthony Walker⁩....in a continued effort to mobilise the general membership, of the intent of Tuesday's all important meeting...

The number 868.622.3937 again between 4pm and 6pm on I95.5.....thank you for the courtesy of your attention......

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Gregory: You did all the HARD LABOUR WORK to get us here. And now they have you doing all the ADMINISTRATIVE WORK while others are just LINING UP to be VOTED INTO OFFICE. I think it is time for the TWO OF US to have a STRATEGY MEETING.

But on second thought, NOBODY IS MOVING FORTEAU -- so it really does NOT MATTER!!!

Buy yourself a NICE SUIT because I am sure that you are HEADED TO COURT!!!

sounds like you are a true canidate  for el presidente position

 forteau  is well groomed by the past arnold and present k d


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