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A growing greedy activity with arrangers of school steelbands is using the school steelbands in concerts and keeping all the money for themselves. I can talk with authority of the St Ursula's Girls  steelband in which my granddaughter plays.Each year the arranger promotes a concert and pockets  the money.I would like to know how come the principal can allow the school's name  and the school pans  be used for the private gain of one .individual? Why is the Anglican Bishop allowing this naked unchecked greed in a top Anglican school? And what about  the Anglican Board? Are they aware of the many, many things that are not  right in this once prestigious  school?  Time to put a stop to these unscrupulous arrangers in this new pan racket.in our schools.

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I agree, this must stop, but the longest rope have an end, they will be caught,


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