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Fuad Abu Bakr bought Cold bottle water for his attacker after being assaulted. Pan Moving Forward (PMF) condemns violence.

Fuad Abu Bakr bought Cold bottle water for his attacker after being assaulted. Pan Moving Forward (PMF) condemns violence.


Last week’s press conference was publicly announced by Pan Trinbago and member bands of the organisation accepted the invitation and showed up to participate. Upon reaching at the gate, the members were denied access. This led West Philharmonic Steelband’s delegate, Mr Fuad Abu Bakr, to be physically assaulted by one of Pan Trinbago’s executive team member band delegates, Vernon Morancie. The uncalled-for assault made members and onlookers aggravated. However, the group quickly settled down, decided to give way and respectfully waited until the end of the press conference. The Pan Trinbago members waited in the blazing sun. Fuad Abu Bakr bought water for everyone and handed Mr Morancie, his attacker, a cold bottle of water first before he shared with PMF members. When asked about Fuads’ humility in the face of such aggression, the PRO for PMF, Maurice Alexander, reminded the media that “we are all pan people, therefore we are family”. He continued by saying “Yes we may disagree and it might get a little heated but after the saga we must come together as one to move pan forward”.


Moments later, after the proverbial olive leaf act from Mr. Abu Bakr/ PMF, Pan Trinbago’s paid staff verbally abused and threatened the PMF members. PMF members were warned not to come to Tobago by one Pan Trinbago’s Tobago employee. This happened when the media tried to interview Mr. Abu Bakr, PMF’s legal aid and Mr. Maurice Alexander, PRO.


PMF is very concerned about the threat for two reasons. One, those utterances and others which PMF chooses not to repeat publicly, are upsetting to Trinidad band leaders and would further encourage division between Trinidad bands and Tobago bands. Two, the fact that an employee, while on the job, threatened the people they were supposed to be serving. PMF chose not to publish the name of the Tobago employee because we all had respect for her and to some extent still do. Although the PMF has forgiven the utterances of the individual, we are hoping that she would withdraw the threat and that the chairwoman of the Tobago executive, on behalf of all Tobago bands, would condemn it. The PMF also looks forward to an invitation to Tobago and some assurance for our safety during visits to bands, just as we provide for Tobagonians in Trinidad. We know because of the silly season, emotions will run high but we all have to maintain our composure, especially the persons who are employees and office holders of our organization.


PMF is asking for us all in the pan movement to examine our actions. We are humans and none of us are without fault. So, let us now follow the example of the bottle of cold water and Mr. Fuad’s behaviour towards his aggressor. Let us go forward heavily debating the issues and not attacking the personalities. Let us show the world that we can in fact invite people in, instead of locking them out. The PMF has reached out and will continue to reach out to this executive to discuss the prevention of illegally postponing the election, all attempts having been unsuccessful thus far. Therefore, we will continue to peacefully highlight all the issues surrounding this matter. We thank the other individuals and groups that are speaking out and are adamant that our constitution must not be breached by the greed for power exhibited by our central executive committee at this time. The PMF are still hopeful however, that the president will humble herself and take the cold bottle of water so that PAN can finally MOVE FORWARD, out of analogue and into the digital ages.


Aquil Arrindell

President of Pan Moving Forward

Growing Stronger Together 

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... according to my very well placed sources -- it have some UNRULY ISIS men looking for VERNON MORANCIE and dey eh looking to give him NO BOTTLE AH WATER, eh.

And Marie Tobey and Lauren Pierre and BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE on ah NEXT LIST. So this is about to GET OUTTA HAND. And I blame DESPERATE BACKWARD BEVERLEY for ALL THIS VIOLENCE.

According to very informed sources, there are numerous panmen who are also looking for that gentleman Claude Gonzales. Additionally, there are quite a number of women who are looking for him, one of whom I know very well, albeit not biblically.

His recent recruitment by the corrupt Beverley Ramsey Moore, and the vulgar and violent Marie Toby only augments the fact that he is woefully unsuitable to even appear to be the face of Pantrinbago.

If you believe what was written about the administration that the incompetent and corrupt Beverley Ramsey Moore replaced, you cannot ignore the evidence of mismanagement and corrupt practices of VM while in office.

  1. Morancie destroyed the Potential of one symphony!
  2. Morancie managed a Golden steelband into an oxidized ferrous heap!
  3. Morancie is destined to reverse the progress of Pioneers

When Beverley Ramsey Moore recruited Morancie to fatten her support base, everyone in the east knew that she was desperate.

  1. She cannot impose Morancie on any band in the eastern region.
  2. Morancie cannot even visit comfortably in any band west of Morvant Junction.
  3. Morancie may quite likely be persona non gratia in the south/central steelband world.
  4. As a disciple of the late Patrick Arnold, I am not sure how well he may fare in Tobago. 
  • When Beverley Ramsey Moore recruited Morancie she drove a stake into the heart of Anthony "Tony May" Walker, one of her most loyal disciples, whose loyalty to an embattled former central executive member is now in question.
  • When Mrs Ramsey Moore recruited Morancie she believed that she was going for Carlon Harewood's jugular, as it is he who replaced Morancie as eastern region coordinator, and ensured that Walker was elected to replace him when his sights were set on the national executive.

It is unfortunate that in an age when steelbands have produced exemplary women like the talented Dr Mia Gormandy, and Dr Dawn Batson, Mrs Beverley Ramsey Moore shoves a vulgar and violent woman like Marie Toby down the oesophagus of the steelband movement. Who does she expect to digest her vomit? Whom does she expect to influence? Your daughter? 

Pantrinbago is asking for respect on their facebook page.

Respect Pantrinbago is earned not demanded, because you have the authority to squander taxpayers dollars.

The violence that Beverley Ramsey Moore and Marie Toby is encouraging is characteristic of the brand of politics and politicians they both support, Kamla Persad Bissessar and Watson Duke.

I want to encourage Aquil Arrindell and his team to continue to reject the violence and vulgarity that defines Beverley Ramsey Moore and Marie Toby, and continue their work in the best interest of, and for the advancement of all steelbands. 


We told you all since last election that Beverly and Tobago is never to run Pan Trinbago again. I disagree with the chauvinistic tone of both Claude and Russell. No need to beat up on ladies like that but allyuh Trinidadians look for that. They aggressive and obnoxious and when they get into power all the obeah man does get rich because they will kill a black foul every week to keep Trinidadians bowing to their feet. Look Beverly open a next multi-milion dollar pan yard in Tobago and not the Trinidadian say a word publicly. If that is not obeah what is. Mr. Shepperd is still the best hope for the future of Pan Trinbago. 

It became necessary for me to reply to you madam, as I refuse to accept being referred to as chauvinistic!

I was raised by a strong woman who abhorred vulgarity and loathed violence. Therefore I resent the behavior and language of Beverley Ramsey Moore and Marie Toby respectively. I am sure that as a woman, you would never conduct yourself in that manner, and your language may never be as caustic or foul.

Further, for your information madam, I have expressed my concern publicly on the absence of women on any of the apparent teams considering leading the steelband movement.

Shoulder to Shoulder, satan can never stand between Us.


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