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George Ng Wai dies of cancer (Dixieland Steel Orchestra)

Trinidad & Tobago Newsday


Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Manager of the popular band, Imij and Company, George Ng Wai has passed away after battling cancer for almost three years.

....Aside from his role as manager of Imij and Company, George would also be remembered as an avid pan man, who played with several sides including Silver Stars, Phase II Pan Groove and Dixieland Steel Orchestra.

In 2011, he was honoured by the steelpan governing body, Pan Trinbago, as one of five surviving members of the Dixieland Orchestra of 1961 that visited the United Kingdom after winning the National Steel Band Festival of Trinidad and Tobago.
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Condolences to the Ng Wai family on the passing of George on behalf of DESPERADOES STEEL ORCHESTRA.

RIP Georgie! Condolences to his family. Sad to hear of his passing...


I give thnks for George and his contribution ,his sense of humanity and his firm stance for the preservation of our music and musicians.I met him in the 80's when he did management work with Andre tanker and he became family .He willl be sorely missed but he would have wanted us to fight to preserve our music ,the pan ,the drums calypso and all the forms that are ours .Ase O


One of the comments of the adjudicator of the1961Steel band festival was "me thinks I hear a harp" that was George playing one of the lower pans in Dixieland's Agnus Dei.Later he played the congas with Andre Tanker band.. If I 'm not mistaken his son was the leader of Imij. My condolences to his family. Sadly we are losing many of the stalwarts with whom we can speak to learn of their experiences in the culture thing thereby losing a lot of first hand history.
Teddy Pinheiro

Mr. Scott: Here is one article!!!


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