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From Ray Holman's Mom to Girl Pat ------Beryl, Pat and Pat by Von Martin from his book “Voices of Pan Pioneers of Trinidad & Tobago”

The girls in ‘Girl Pat Steel Orchestra’ did feel proud of their contributions to the advancement of the steel band movement. They mastered an instrument no one ever thought would accomplish such stature in today’s world of music. “It is sad though, "observed Pat Maurice, “young girls today are so unaware of ‘Girl Pat Steel Orchestra, ”and their contributions. The fact that they are today involved in a movement created as a result of the pioneering efforts of Hazel Henley.”,,,

..The range of women’s involvement in the steel pan movement is wide and diverse as their influences go beyond simply their musical prowess. Social influences, for example, are one major factor, the relationship of mothers with their sons. Take for instance the relationship of the mother of “Pan” icon Ray Holman, and how she confronted the fact that little Ray was beating pan. Remember the days when young people were ostracized by their own family for associating with the steel pan.

  Mrs. Holman said, “Well, I was very upset in the beginning when I heard that my son was involved in pan beating, because in those days it was very terrible. The men who played pan were not of the best and there were lots of rows and riots and upheavals, you know, as long as somebody played a pan, you always thought that, well, the next thing that they will be in for a lot of trouble. You know. So I was very upset when I heard he was playing pan.” When asked if she tried to stop Ray from beating pan, she said her brothers were more serious than she. They were very strong, they wanted her to stop him from playing the pan “but I still gave him a chance”....

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