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Going Retro for Panorama 2014 - Lack of Talent or Lack of Creativity?

Bradley has got to be rolling in his grave. So, is this what panorama has come to? It is hard for me to believe that the young people decided to go with all these dinosaur chunes - no matter how great they were in their time.


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Bugs, we are Despers ..so don`t give yourself no pressure. Despers is not the same organization since Rudolph left.

and remember Bradley first went with High Mass by Despers and they told him No .... ..that`s when he took it to New Tones

Robert unfortunately cannot do what he wants unless he comes with another Musical volcano and yes the younger or the majority or players are pulling the strings ..... this is what ......now about 12 years without being at the top... so it might be some kind of  DESPERation and frustration to try something new ...hence Andre White.... Spankin.....We just have to wait and see ...rather wait and hear..I know that Robert will still put out and Despers will play music as usual......don`t know if the judges will be paying attention.


Correct me if I am wrong but I think this is the first time something like this is being done for Panorama. My opinion , I think it's a really bad idea. They have lowered their chance to win immensely. It doesn't matter if Robbie arranges a masterpiece . The judges will pick something new. It's human nature. Going forward all the way . Blessings.

Going retro for 2014 may be Good for the Small Bands; not many people pay attention to them any way, they are just a side show. In this day and age where there are numerous tunes Composed primarily for Panorama by many Young Composers it will be a travesty to play a piece from the past. I say this. ''No, Large Band will ever Win a Panorama playing something retro. We have  learnt from the past, lets continue to head forward with our music. forward ever Backward never.

I agree with you Val, no large band will ever win with an OLD tune, to me it shows laziness on the part of the arranger. I admire Laim Teigue for putting down new music for Silver Stars. I don't think an old tune go down too well with the spectators either. 

But ah love SPANKIN!!!

Valenitne Young…I am very insulted by your statement…"may be Good for the Small Bands; not many people pay attention to them any way, they are just a side show"…ah find yuh damn farse…Pan Trinbago out of a rare moment of common sense and fairness created an opportunity for ALL BANDS…yes ALL BANDS big small and in-between to compete in "dey own space"..which is what fair competition is all about…the various categories have existed too long for you to be spouting this rubbish in 2014…that statement alone spoil your otherwise sensible contribution...

Good points Val and Salah, but please be advised that when Super Blue's "Spankin" was released on the air waves, no one from Desperadoes' management team including yours truly knew that melody is the same as "Mrs.Pan" from Blue Boy in 1989. I believe if they were aware of this, "Spankin" may not have been their tune of choice. When the younger players heard what Robert had done of the verse and chorus, they liked it.  I do not think this tune will bias the judges, but let's wait for the semis results.

AMEN IAN!!! Yuh just expand dem fellahs mind fuh dem!!!

Remember I had said that it seems that NO LARGE BAND WILL WIN A PANORAMA WITH A RETRO TUNE (Maybe the Judges were instructed to do so?)

True......I think Spankin caught people off guard but so far it is sounding sweet.So let us wait and see.

Liam Teague has not learnt His Lesson. The last time he arranged a retro piece for Skiffle Bunch in 2005 Pan Night & Day, they came Last. In that same Year All Stars also play a retro piece ''Tambu' Free Up and came second to Last, since then Smooth never attempted to Play anything retro with All Stars.

Judges don't want to hear any retro tunes from Large Bands Period.

Maybe next year they should do a all retro Panorama , that way the bands will have an equal chance . My song will be the Bull . Just Fooljn' folks .


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