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GREGORY LINDSAY: Ah hear that you and THE CIP are now followng KEITH DIAZ around with your tongues hanging out the sides of your mouths trying to get into office at PAN TRINBAGO

SAY IT AIN'T SO, Gregory!!!

Aquil real let me down!!! I have plenty respect and HOPE for that young man. But to see how KEITH DIAZ "now have [You and Aquil] following him around with [your] tongues hanging out the sides of [your mouths] believing that if [you] get into office [you] would revoke MICHAEL [JOSEPH] membership" is really DISGRACEFUL.

Yuh real let me down, GREGORY. And don't talk about AQUIL -- ah shame for him.

And I thought THE CIP was NOT INTO POLITICS and did not like KEITH DIAZ. Like that talk about politics making strange bedfellows is truer than ah thought.

Speaking of which: Right about now I ready to jump in bed with FORTEAU and MICHAEL JOSEPH, yes.

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Aye Claude, today is Gregory birthday go easy on him, and yes all ah we backing Diaz for the big job....lolol

KEITH DIAZ fool EVERYBODY except Byron Serrette ...

Serrette said while Diaz has said he is stepping down, he noted that no definite date was given. “When is he stepping down? Yesterday which was the first of April...All Fools’ Day or the 31 of October? I will believe that when I see a letter of resignation.”

Newsday: April 3rd, 2018

And now the man went and get the backings of GYPSY and LUCAS and DOLLY to run for PRESIDENT -- AGAIN!!! All dem small band all over the country showing up to VOTE FOR DIAZ and dem BIG BANDS splitting dey votes leaving KEITH DIAZ with a BIG OPENING ON THE RAIL to run to victory -- AGAIN!!!



Claude, YUHZABOSS. you always said that Diaz is the greatest politician.

Brother.....with me.  it ain't so!........please keep me out of that election bachannalia....please and thank you

Gregory Lindsay: DOH BACK BACK ON ME!!!


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