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GREGORY LINDSAY HIGH IN FLIGHT as the meeting approaches tomorrow!!!


But the one constant with THE NEW VISIONARIES and THE CIP is their INABILITY to measure the strength of THE OPPOSITION.

FORTEAU is a desperate man. If he loses that POSITION IN PAN TRINBAGO he may be forced to GO BACK TO GRENADA after LIVING THE HIGH LIFE in TRINIDAD for DECADES.

And I say that he eh going down EASY SO!!!

When ah look in meh CRYSTAL BALL ah see AQUIL and GREGORY trying to drink FROM AN EMPTY GLASS!!! Although I did not see BOSTON taking the FIRST TWO GAMES from CLEVELAND -- so maybe I need some WINDEX to clean the SCREEN on the CRYSTAL BALL!!!

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The goal is to tie-up everything in court.

Cecil: Ah tell AQUIL that MONTHS AGO. But when ah talk the boy will not hear/like big stick break up in he ear!!!

How much time yuh hear meh say what you just say.

Boy, I might be better off going down to LA FRONTERA and marrying ah MEXICAN GIRL and bringing her back here and making SIX TRINI-MEX babies than wasting my time on THIS FORUM trying to EXPLAIN this PAN TING to SO-CALLED PAN LOVERS.

These guys are predictable and are only interested in SELF. If nothing concrete comes outta this meeting tonight steelbands should resign from Pan Trinbago, forming a new group is LESS problematic.

PAN TRINBAGO and PANORAMA is the ONLY SOURCE OF FUNDS. The STEELBANDS can't walk away from that. And they don't have the resources or the unity or even the skills to form a viable alternative organization.

Look at the BIG 5!!! They came out hot and sweaty hiring all these high-level professionals to run the organization and still DEY WENT BUST and silent after TWO SHOWS. The money to support PAN in Trinidad in ON THE OUTSIDE and nobody knows how to TAP IT.

So they have to stay subservient to PAN TRINBAGO for the GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS.

Panorama is possible WITHOUT Pan Trinbago, bands have to believe this, and the Government is gonna sponsor it the same way because the show must go on.

What KINDA ah Lawyers KEITH DIAZ and THE CIP hire to fight THIS CASE???


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