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I hope he hires me as his CAMPAIGN MANAGER!!! I have watched him gain POLITICAL MATURITY over the last 16 months with envious admiration. And I know that he could help to rebuild PAN TRINBAGO and help make it into the WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN not just in WORD but in DEED!!!

I am looking forward to our FIRST strategy meeting. And I am hoping that MR. LINDSAY is OPEN to my brand of MODERN CYBER POLITICAL WARFARE where the DEAD BURY THE DEAD.

So, Gregory, once the voting agenda is set tomorrow -- contact me and let us work together to make TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO the GLOBAL LEADER IN PAN once more!!!

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Claude Gonsalves.......I have got plenty of nothing, and nothing is plenty for me

⁩When someone decides to come after me or my poor band, it is well advised to prepare well, have your documentation and come very very hard, because I cannot be bought for a proverbial 30 pieces of silver.....

My participation in any financial matters regarding PanTrinbago doesn't come under the cover of any nondisclosure agreement. 

This matter was already fully disclosed in the public domain, at the PanTrinbago meeting of March 27, 2018.

A written request was made to PanTrinbago on behalf of my orchestra, to facilitate the payment of our unsponsored Government assistance cheque until it came from the Ministry, as we were the only band that had not received such, as it had been severely delayed..The request for assistance to my band was approved by President Diaz, and the cheque was issued. The association president also wrote to the MCDCA to follow up on the delay.

Last week the Ministry issued the cheque

When the monies from the performance fees to all bands are paid for Panorama 2018, the ENTIRE amount will be deducted from our band's performance remittance...I hope that this clears up ANY ambiguity surrounding an above board transaction between a bonafide member steel band and its home association. 

Gregory: Dem fellahs playing HARD BALL ball and trying to DRAG YOUR NAME IN THE MUD -- that is why you need  me as your campaign manager.

Dem fellahs TIEF MILLIONS and now they want to DIRTY your name over a LEGITIMATE ADVANCE.

Years now I have a plan!!! We could put it into effect and clean up that whole administration.


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