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Gregory Lindsay Speaks on Panorama Players nonpayment

I am done with sugarcoating shit....players cannot march on any Pan office Northern Region Pantrinbago or Tobago-Region Pantrinbago and demand payment for performance for 2018....it is onerous and grossly unfair to penalize the principal performers for pageantry with the petulance of misadminstrative former executives for 9 years...and now what to force feed frolic and folly for freeness for whom..again...Players!
NAH!....COME BETTER THAN THAT.....where yuh tie de horse it will graze...but ohGodMan...doh tie up next to a concrete lot
..not so....fix dis Team Rebuild...please and thank you

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President Beverley Ramsey Moore Gerard Mendez Marcus Ash-Tray....NCC Taking away North Stand cripples and robs my organization Pan Trinbago Northern Region Pantrinbago Tobago-Region Pantrinbago et al of its revenue generating capacity to set the platform to being self sustainable and self reliant moving forward. Penalizing players who have absolutely no ability to pay themselves from the organization's coffers, for 2018 and 2019, adds further insult to injury.....No way CHAIRMAN Winston Peters, no way no how...pan people eating dat.. Ainsworth Mohammed.you don't take a profitable show and make it unprofitable by removing the sacred infrastructure that profits the keepers of the national instrument... not so...rockSoWithDat

North must be there no two ways about that it is an integral part of our national panorama

Earl Ramsey: GYPSY eh BACKING BACK -- NO NORTH STAND for 2019!!!

Having seen BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE use THREE SHILLS in a ROW. My first instinct is to believe that GREGORY LINDSAY is SHILL # 4!!!

But since he put out such a BIG EFFORT fighting the LAST ADMINISTRATION I have to give him the benefit of the doubt (grudgingly) and take him at face value. At least he is lodging the complaints that should be lodged unlike so many others who remain silent.

Come clean or doh come at all, GREGORY!!!

A clever display of alliteration. And the beat goes on. Gregory, Aquil et al opened the doors, and Beverly and she crew sauntered thru. All's fair in war.


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