Flag of GrenadaSt. George’s, Grenada, W.I. - It is said that you can judge a society by how it treats its young, its elders and its culture… In one fell swoop, Grenada disrespected and threw much shade on all three of these factors. And the Pan season in Grenada came to an abrupt halt when hundreds of musicians turned up to perform and found there was no stage built, so after weeks of preparation, their competition was cancelled.

Spicemas Corporation, the entity overseeing for staging Panorama, is led by Kirk Seetahal. Seetahal and members of his board tasked with the responsibility for Grenada’s Panorama must step down immediately. His incompetence or outright display of contempt for Grenada’s Pan culture over the past three years is obvious, well-documented and needs no further comment.
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  • The Minister in charge was replaced...not fired. The pan men got money due for non performance
  • It seem to me that the conolial oppressors and suppressors that tried, but failed to "keep down" the Steelpan  movement    in Trinidad Tobago in the 1940s, and beyond is still alive in "GRENADA",,,,I urged pan men and women worldwide to unite and become self-sufficient.so we no-longer have to depend on hand-outs to survive. WE CAN DO IT IF WE TRY!!!.

  • I watched the press with spice mas, and it sounds like none of them even put a foot in a pan yard or even know what they are talking about, if you was given a money to build a stage why wasn't the stage built when they was given the money, and why are they trying to place the blame on on the pan men when the event is a national event and should be promoted by them. Where did they get the money to sponsor the white show.

  • Respect the pan man. respect the instrument.

  • Should there be any discussion re this fiasco? Why not?
    • After 3 years, this was a fiasco waiting to happen. 365 days to plan your next event? After the first year proper procedures should be in place to ensure this (fiasco) NOT happen. The discussion problems and solutions should've have started after the first year you were put in charge of staging the event. "Promises" and "knowing" someone to build the platform is not standard operating procedure in my book. You hire people based on their qualifications and build on your working relationships. In this business you should have contractual agreements ensuring the timeline on stated objectives are clearly defined. This is not on the job training.

  • This level of incompetence is often found among administrators claiming they are promoting the steelband art-form. This is an annual event, why after the fact they are having this discussion?

    Event planning, Stage managing, Audio/Video production, who’s in CHARGE? If you are 100% responsible you do whatever it takes to get the JOB done competently. No one wants to be held accountable; it’s easier to come up with an excuse than claim responsibility for disrespecting your people and paying customers.

    Where’s the LEADERSHIP? Maurice Bishop most likely turning is his grave; I know these problems can be resolved. Who is willing to step-up to the challenge (LEAD) and who should be terminated for this fiasco? Time for decision making.

    • Very well put ODW. Again we see how one man and great leadership can make a difference. This shame could never have happened if Maurice Bishop was alive.

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