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Grenada Steel Band Association still hopping mad over 2016 Panorama treatment. Demand an apology from producers

Grenada Steel Band Association has outlined a litany of issues stemming from the staging of both Panorama and Xtreme White at the same venue during the just concluded carnival celebrations.
As we hear in this report, the pan association is calling for an apology to be made by the Spicemas Corporation to firstly the main sponsor - national lotteries authority, the steel band association and the nation.

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I am heartened to see the coming together of the Steelband Association (as an organization) addressing their concerns. The non payment of monies is not the most important snag here, just an extension of an attitude of 'don't care-ness' and lack of respect which is meted out year after year by those charged with organizing this feature of our cultural exhibition call Panorama. Yes, I agree that up until now some blame must be attributed to the Association for not being forceful in standing their ground, and to hell with those who like pan or not. The movement is a force second to none in the arts, responsible for discipline, dedication and more so a level of comprehension the adversaries of pan is ignorant of, and will remain that way. Prove me wrong. And to those who always mouth about panorama losing money, show me the bonanza purse of others outside the Soca Rumble.


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