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Gypsy denies NCC takeover of Pan Trinibago but... Closer financial scrutiny ahead

Trinidad Guardian

by Shaliza Hassanali

..But the move, which came even as Pan Trinbago signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding with Government, was not done haphazardly, as Peters said it was prompted following an audit by the Ministry of Culture into Pan Trinbago, TUCO and NCBA for the periods 2013 to 2016, where certain observations were made.

“Things prompted a lot of decisions being made now,” he said.

While concerns were raised about allegations of financial impropriety at Pan Trinabgo, Peters said where there were funds unaccounted for “somebody will be culpable for it. And whatever has to be done in terms of whatever actions that have to be taken will be taken.”

“We are asking for the accountability of it and searching for where it went wrong. We are going to deal with all aspects of Pan Trinbago in terms of its subventions or any money that the Government will be spending on Pan Trinbago.”...

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GYPSY singing for his PNM SUPPER with extremely veiled threats of bringing the PAN TRINBAGO GANGSTAS before the courts. He been in politics long enough to know that PNM doh LOCK UP PNM for CORRUPTION.

What a joke!!! He and DOLLY still searching to see where the accountability went wrong (nice euphemism for "TIEFING THE MONEY").

PAN MEN have a GRAND OPPORTUNITY right now to show their VALUE TO CARNIVAL but I don't think that they have the consciousness to SEIZE THE DAY. Right now, DOLLY and GYPSY need that PANORAMA 2019 more than anybody else in the world -- READ THE CARDS PAN MEN, PLEASE!!!

 dont we just love  all the grand charge from everyone who comes i

  everyone including pp govt knows that gypsy was always a pnm

 claude talks about singing for supper

 he may still sing extempo  and  win


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