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Hey Cecil, all dem Pans was on floats last night on d Avenue!! Hard luck MAN!! Doh let it sour yuh day. Have a GREAT DAY Today!

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Pan man get lazy. They can't walk & play at the same time. Let dem float, Bertel. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CECIL.

Dem young people doh know how to multitask…

patrick it's the older folks that set up the youths, just now they'll ask for a chair to sit.

Bertel, yuh know how ah like Pan on the road so that was a perfect gift for my birthday. Phase ll mash-up the place " that old black magic"

Boi ah reach home 2.00am an ah still khar get up.

Who ere the bands after All Stars..I left when they came on stage…ah tired hear Woman on the bass...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cecil. LIke they put on that whole show just to celebrate your birthday ... could the music gotten any better.

Have a good one Cecil…

Thanks merrytones, ah look for yuh on the road last night but I ain't see yuh, it had flood down by yuh or wah?

I was there from about 8 to 1:30….ask Gerald Clarke…we good bad talk Claude…lol...

merrytones,  so yuh missed "that old black magic" Phase ll mash-up de place, they were so different.

yeah …but ah hear dem wid dat plenty times already…it classy  fuh days...


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