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Happy Birthday to Mr. William Jones - CASYM Steel Orchestra

When Steel Talks extends Birthday Greetings to Mr. William Jones - founder of CASYM Steel Orchestra. 

Happy 88th Birthday!

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He was the founder and pillar behind the Gonzales Youth Movement way back in the 1960s.

Singing Francine and a dancer by the name of Ernie Tyson aka Ocean Tyson that had roles in a few TV shows, came out of the Gonzales Youth Movement.

Yes the 1960s when he had great all fours matches against his close friends and relatives. Save a mans life he gives you gold. A woman's who knows. Happy Birthday to a great youth leader.

Happy birthday with lots of best wishes for continued success.
Best wishes to you, Jonesie. You've put in a lot of good work. God bless you.


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