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Happy Birthday Glenroy from all the folks at When Steel Talks.



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Happy Birthday Bro!!!


Enjoy your day and may you have many more.  Thanks for all the great work you do here in the WST forum. It is much appreciated. 



Happy birthday Glen, We old times would be lost without your ARCHIVES  videos and cd's, keep up the good work and have a bless day 

Hope  you  have a  Blessed Day!!   I always  enjoy  listening  to  the  Pan  music  of  the  past.

Thanks  for  posting  these  videos.

Happy Birthday Glenroy, have a blessed day and many happy returns.
Greetings, Bro' . Nuff Respect for  your Pan knowledge!

Happy Birthday Glen,

Thanks for everything you do to keep the past present!

Matt Potts





Hi Glenroy. I did not know we shared the same bithday. today is also mine. enjoy. martin albino







Hi Glenroy
Happy birthday. Today is a great day for a celebration. The sun
Is shining. The birds are singing, and the sky is blue tinged
With whie just for you. You are blessed beyond measure.
Have an amsterdam great time. **Cindy***
Hi Martin
You are celebrating your special day also. The cake
Is on me. You have at least 99 more birthdays after
This one. Spend it wisely. Have a spot of wine. It is
Good for whatever ails you. Have a great birthday, a blessed day, and
Weekend. ***Cindy***
Happy Birthday Glenroy!!! Greetings "Rum Pan".
Happy birthday Glenroy Joseph. May you enjoy many more in good health and happiness  Thank you for all your great contributions to the WST community.


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