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Happy Father's Day to all the Pan dads all over the world.

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Thanks RasPanam Today is special but everyday you are Dad. 

"There are fathers, and then there are direct deposit sperm donors." George D. Goddard, on "Fatherhood".

I'm not really one who believes in assigning any one day to honor anyone, "God" included, however, as a father, I know how little recognition we often receive, and so I wanted to give a big "shout out" to all WST fathers. Of course, I'm assuming that as men (the male component of the "traditional" family), we understand what "fatherhood" and parenting really means. Special honor to ALL "single" fathers, for your playing both parental roles! I have been blessed with three beautiful gifts, and without my wife's support, strength, and wisdom, and my children's loyalty, patience, and respect, I would not have evolved as either (a) person or father. In essence, we, as a human species, even on the "micro" levels of "co-existence", strengthen each other. I am grateful that my father, George "Sonny" Goddard, instilled in his four sons, the concept of community over individual (self), and, I consider most members on this board share that philosophy. Trinidad & Tobago's motto, "Together we...", holds true on every level of human co-existence, and I truly am a better father today, because, my wife and I, well, together we...

GHOST - Who Honors ALL Fathers In The Steelband Movement (Past, Present, Future.) Shem Em Hotep.

Happy father's day to you Ghost Who Talks,  and even tho your father is not here today happy fathers day to him also, hope you did enjoyed this day with your family

Happy Fathers Day to all DADS out there !!! Celebrate + show some responsibility too

thanks...lots of advice given here.


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