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Happy New Year to the entire When Steel Talks Global Pan Community

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Reciprocations to the administrators of the forum and its members.

Thank you to When Steel talks for keeping us informed and for the forum for us members to vent.  Wishing you great success in the coming years.  Happy New Year to you and all the members of the forum.

Happy New Year everyone...

Thanks to WST and members and the very best to the organization for 2018.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to the WST Team It is my pleasure to thank you for the amazing work that you've been doing to help spread the voice of PAN across the globe. 

We collctively have made quite a quantum leap in bringing PAN consciousness to the world, with a view of placing this magnificent instrument among the main stream and finding it's' rightful place alongside the great invenions.

Thank you for your great work in 2017, hello 2018.

Thank You guys! May WST keep up the great innovate work spreading the gospel of pan worldwide.Proud to be associated!

"Culture Man"

Oh my gosh! Ah forget to send Happy New Year greetings to my fellow members. All the best, good health and prosperity.Keep Loving up the pan!  Bless.  "Culture Man".

happy new year to the members and staff of when steel talk..........thanks for the service that you  provide to the steelpan world...........keep up the good work in 2018 and beyond!!

Happy New Year Folks

Merrytones, ODW, Russell, Aquil, Gregory, Brenda and the 17,000 plus other members on WST - it will our duty take care of Claude when Rolly Polly enters "Club Jail" in 2018.  Claude will not be able to handle it. LOL



Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to my Pan Family.

Continued BLESSINGS to ALL and BEST wishes in the NEW YEAR.

Special THANKS to WST for giving us the opportunity to EXPRESS our thoughts freely.


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