It’s Celebration time for Ray’s first love, PAN

by Dalton Narine

Global - I feel pretty, now that I’ve flirted with Holman’s take on his lover boy spin about Pan, the new world’s glorious instrument. Ray Holman Holman lights a fire under the instrument and bun them with beautiful music from a panist extraordinaire. Himself, actually.

No wonder Holman’s brand is his beat.

Some lines that bode well for Holman:
Any part of the world I go, they want to know. Pan is irresistible.
What’s causing the harmony? Magic in the atmosphere.
The music leaves you in amusement.

....Pan’s a treasure; ah fus you nice, Pan

....Magic in the atmosphere. Pan’s now a rite of communion and communication around the world. Much appreciative of our pioneers. 

read more, hear sample of title track

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  • Ray Holman - Sweet Island Memories


  • A MASTER at work.

    • Cecil Hinkson: Do you know who PRODUCED that CD?

      What is your review on it?

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