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Help pan pioneer with leg

Friday, March 14 2014

THE EDITOR: During the controversial pre-Carnival debate over the rational for the staging of the Pan Splash party on the Greens of the Queen’s Park Savannah during the semi-finals of the 2014 Panorama, I can remember the vice-president of PanTrinbago, in his defence of the move, claimed that proceeds from the sideshow would be used to fund events like “Pan in the countryside” and the rendering of assistance to needy steelband veterans.

Recently we have had cause to hear the plea of one pan pioneer, Mr Glenford Sobers, founder of single pan band, New Age Trendsetters, crying out for the need of a prosthetic leg.

To this day I have not heard any response from PanTrinbago, so I kindly implore the president of the organisation, Mr Keith Diaz to please come forward and do the needful.

If on the other hand PanTrinbago has made commitment to this cause, I commend them and sincerely apologise.

Please do something for Mr Sobers!

Oswald Gallion


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Hello Oswald,

                     How and whom to contact?

Please advise.

Greetings We have $226.96  (TT) in the Retirement Fund. Send me the address and to whom I should make the check out to and I will forward the money.  We have over 12,000 members. MAYBE WE COULD ALL SPARE ONE  DOLLAR for this cause. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine ( my  tel number is 845 338 1572).

That's to easy Lance.

Brother Cecil Ah trying to make it easy for all ah we to help brother Sobers. Give thanks Dr. Lance

Lance, we have perfected the art of pulling down,we are yet to learn how to help up.

                                                                         Giving thanks.


Greetings Please post brother Sobers' address so we could begin to help the bredren. Anybody PLEASE!  Guidance Dr. Lance


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